Best Ways for Content Creators to Boost Their Instagram Page in 2021

No one wants a dormant Instagram page. The feeling you get when a like or comment hits is enticing. The challenge is sometimes your posts may not do as well as you would like.

Instagram has over 1 billion active users monthly, hence your page should be getting the love it deserves. You just need to work at it from a different angle.

Here are seven tips to give your account a nice boost.

Be intentional about the content you promote:

Look through your previous posts to check for images and content that sparked the most engagements from your audience, repurpose them as ads to reach a wider audience.

Infuse humour:

Social media users can always use a laugh. You can endear yourself to your audience quickly using humour. If you’ve got funny material, prioritize it. If it’s good enough, you can be sure it will get lots of engagement.

Always use a Call to Action in your Posts:

It is important to call your audience to action with the information you are providing. What do you want them to do?  ‘sign up’, ‘install now’, ‘drop comments’, or ‘follow

Be easily Accessible Online:

To enjoy all the benefits Instagram offers, you need to be easy to reach.  You can do this by subscribing to affordable data plans. You can get more value when you subscribe to the MTN Pulse Instagram bundle starting at N200 for 1GB or you could opt for the N100 for 350MB bundle, valid for 1 day.

You also earn Pulse points as you buy data and airtime via myMTNApp. These points can be exchanged for free data. Value reloaded!

Do more with Videos:

If you haven’t been posting videos on your pa, you should start doing it. Statistics show that video posts get three times as much engagement as image posts. Customers are twice as likely to make a purchase after watching a sponsored video. Don’t forget to include a call to action in your videos.

Share viral tweets on your Instagram:

One of the biggest design crazes to hit Instagram is using the platform to share screenshots of viral tweets. Find tweets that reflect your style, attitude, and messaging, then make it fashionable on your page. Ensure it appeals to your followers as well.

Engage your Audience with Memes:

This year’s biggest trend is using memes to boost your Instagram engagement. Memes are a serious trend because they are clever and funny. It is a great way to ‘soft promote’ your products/services. Share playful memes that can entertain your audience and ultimately increase engagement.

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