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West Africa Destinations

Best West Africa Destinations – West Africa features beautiful countries with several hundred million inhabitants. These countries boast a rich history, beautiful scenery and a lot of friendly people.
West Africa is a truly unique place to explore unending adventures, and of course, a visa-free destination for Nigerians.
West Africa is a spot on the continent that has a lot of hidden jewels that have recently come out of the dark and attracted tourists onto their lands.

If you are preparing for a vacation to West Africa soon, below is a list of some of the best destinations which must be on your travel list whenever you think of visiting West Africa.

1. Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a country that is overlooked by tourists who travel around West Africa, with the small country being overshadowed by larger countries like Senegal or Cote d’Ivoire.
The country is situated 550kms from Senegal. Cape Verde is a chain of seaside villages, islands and jaw-dropping scenery provided by the mountains.
The West African nation offers the ultimate opportunity to go island hopping and explore the cultural aspect of the country, meeting its residents and also sunbathing on the beach.

2. Gambia

It is the smallest country in Africa, but this does not mean that it has little to offer too. The country is surrounded by golden beaches backed by swaying palms and sprinkled with scenic lagoons, an abundance of wildlife, vibrant history and culture.
The country offers visitors an opportunity to get in touch with nature and has reserves where you can see various animals and rare species of wildlife such as Abuko National Reserve, Gambia National Park and also the Bijilo Forest Park.
The country has an amazing culture, rich diversity and also very friendly people.

3. Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is a hidden jewel in West Africa and for clear reasons. It is a country surrounded by picture-perfect palm-lined beaches, offering incredible natural and man-made attraction for visitors.
The food in Ivory Coast is amazing. Starting from their tasty kedjenou to the delicious poulet braise. It is the country which has the largest cathedral in Africa which is in the capital, Yamoussoukro.

4. Ghana

Addressed as West Africa’s golden child, it is one of Africa’s success stories with a stable democracy in the fast-paced of civilization.
Ghana is an ideal destination for those searching for a place to relax, the country is immersed in the authentic African culture and you can also learn more about African history, for this reason, it is called ‘Africa for beginners,’ making it a perfect destination for those who want to get their feet wet.


For an exciting getaway, visit the country capital Accra.  It is always a great place to visit, either for a long or short vacation, featuring beautiful beaches- particularly Labadie beach, luxury hotels, and fascinating museums.

5. Nigeria

Known as the “giant of Africa” Nigeria is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Its subtropical climate, wide beaches, superb surfing, excellent shopping, exciting market, fine restaurants as well as lively nightlife makes Nigeria a year-round destination.
Nigeria captivates you with its rich and multicultural society. It boasts of beautiful tourist spots such as Olumirin waterfall in Erin-Ijesha, Ife museum in Enuwa square, the Olumo rock, Agbokim waterfall and lot more.
The country continues to captivate and delight its visitors with fabulous wildlife, nightlife, and beautiful scenery.

6. São Tomé & Príncipe 

São Tomé & Príncipe is a safe and welcoming destination to visitors, particularly Eco tourists, for whom the advancing jungle is a delight.
The second-smallest island on the African continent is a wonderful world of natural scenery and culture placed between the two islands, and despite the small size, the island can keep tourists occupied during their stay.
Activities on the two islands include snorkeling, hiking, bird watching, and fishing, for those who prefer to become immersed in the culture, the island offers full-day tours around the northern and southern parts of the island of São Tomé, where tourists can experience the towns around the island, the cuisine and some of the historical landmarks from the colonial era.

7. Cameroon

Cameroon is one of the more popular destinations in West Africa, Cameroon is a destination that has a pure ethnic beauty and
Surrounded by the smells of roasted plantain and grilled fish, accompanied by the friendly nature of Cameroon’s people, the West African nation is one that can keep tourists on theirs.
Cameroon offers tourists the opportunity to hike up Mount Cameroon locally known as Mongo ma Ndemi (“Mountain of Greatness”), which is West Africa’s highest peak at 4 040 meters.
Although an active volcano, it has not erupted since the year 2000, and it makes for an interesting trip for those who enjoy nature.

8. Guinea

With many of the region main rivers originating in the Fouta Djallon, this place is filled with mountains and waterfalls. The chilly mountain air and swims over waterfalls make the visit refreshing.

9. Saharan Oases, Mauritania

Mauritania’s Adrar region is where the Sahara Desert gets serious rocky escarpments and Grand Canyon’s give way to an ocean of sand, dotted with palm-fringed oases.
Start at the gateway town of Atar and head into the desert by 4WD or camel, making sure to take in the remote caravan towns of Chinguetti, Ouadane, and Terjit, part of the ancient network of trade and cultural exchange that stitched the desert together from Timbuktu in the south to Marrakesh in the north.

10. Senegal

Senegal can be described as giving tourists the best. The West African nation offers destinations that are made for the tourists who wish for a peaceful holiday, as well as interesting cultural destinations.
From the Park National des Oiseaux du Djoudj to the Siné-Saloum Delta, tourists are allowed to look at Senegal’s wildlife while also relaxing on the beaches of Dakar, and enjoying some of the country’s finest delicacies like chicken stew with rice.
These are the best West Africa’s destination. Remember that any way you to visit, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and stay safe.

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