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Bill Gates criticizes Trump’s government, response to the epidemic: should identify with scientists, not attack them

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According to reports, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates (Bill Gates) criticized the way the US government to respond to new virus outbreaks of the crown, in an interview he said that in the implementation of detection and promotional wear masks and other safety aspects of social behavior, the US government The ranking is “much lower” compared to other countries .

Gates said: “In many ways, our response was not very good. And we thought the government could do a good job.”

US President Donald Trump, who had just recovered from the new crown virus, even mocked Joe Biden who was wearing a mask in a debate. Trump, who will return to the campaign this week, even despised medical experts’ advice on maintaining social distancing many times.

Gates said that, unlike the United States, many countries “do very, very well” and use existing behavioral tools to contain the spread of the virus. Gates said that epidemic prevention has nothing to do with politics, and he did not name Trump directly. Gates said: “This is purely a technical issue, not a political issue. The governments of most countries listen to the opinions of scientists, rather than destroy or attack them.”

Gates also pointed out that before treatments and vaccines are available in large numbers, measures such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and washing hands frequently are the main means to combat the COVID-19 virus.


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