Bill Gates: We underestimated the value of masks, some leaders did not help

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Bill Gates, the world’s second-richest man, recently reflected on the medical and social response to the new coronavirus pandemic, thinking that global health and political leaders could have done a better job in dealing with the virus.

The Microsoft co-founder discussed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s annual “Goal Guardian Report” last week, said: “Looking back, there are many, many things that could have been done better in this epidemic. .”

He said: “Even the medical community is recognizing the importance of masks. You know, we spent a few months-most respiratory diseases are cough diseases. They are not talking or singing diseases. So we get Wrong. We underestimated the value of masks.”

Gates said: “It took us a while to pass this information out.” He added: “Some political leaders helped with this, some political leaders did not.” He did not mention the names of specific leaders.

U.S. President Trump basically avoided wearing masks during the pandemic, and did not mandate wearing masks during his campaign . Four months after the new crown pneumonia was declared a global pandemic, he only wore a mask in public when he visited a hospital in July for the first time, and since then he has described wearing a mask as “patriotism.”

Brazilian President Bolsonaro also downplayed the role of masks, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not wear masks publicly until July. The two leaders were once infected with the new crown virus.

Gates acknowledged that some communities are very resistant to wearing masks and vaccinations, and pointed out that the degree of resistance in some communities is related to conspiracy theories about the new coronavirus and any resulting vaccines.

Gates emphasized: “We need to make people understand that things like wearing masks can not only help themselves, but also help others. We need to make people clearly aware of the progress of vaccines and safety reviews, so that when we get approval, people They will understand what has been done, and they will be willing not only to help themselves, but also to help others through vaccination.”

He added: “Somehow, the real information is not as exciting or exciting as conspiracy information. However, the attitude to vaccines is not only important for this epidemic, but also for eradicating polio and reducing The tremendous progress made in child deaths is also important, especially in areas such as measles, diarrhea and pneumonia.”

He said: “I hope the truth will be revealed to the world, and people’s actions to protect themselves and others will be powerful.”

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