Android 12 has started rolling out to T-Mobile OnePlus 8 & 8T variants

Android 12 has started rolling out to T-Mobile OnePlus 8 & 8T variants

Unlocked OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro models started receiving Android 12 back in March. T-Mobile users had to wait for quite a bit longer, as T-Mobile’s OnePlus 8 and 8T variants are only now starting to get Android 12.

Android 12 rolled out to T-Mobile OnePlus 8 & 8T variant

The update is rolling out OTA (Over-The-Air), and this is a staged rollout. You may get the update immediately, or in a couple of days, it all depends. It may take a bit of time. Do note that this update also contains the July 2022 security update.

Some of you are aware that Android 12 is based on OxygenOS 12, and that it brings quite a few changes. Google changed quite a few things, while OnePlus implemented those, and much more into OxygenOS 12.

OxygenOS 12 looks considerably different than OxygenOS 11, by the way. It looks a lot more like OPPO’s ColorOS. OxygenOS 11 did look different than stock Android, but it had its own style, kind of.

Dynamic color theming is included, and much more

With Android 12 you’re getting dynamic color theming, which is a change many people seem to be interested in. The phone will be able to pick colors from your wallpaper, and customize the UI based on it.

You’re also getting a new privacy dashboard, for better security and privacy, and so much more. Do note that the update for both devices is quite large, it weighs over 4GB in both cases. So, make sure you’re connected to WiFi before you download it.

Now, if you’re not willing to wait for the update to come knocking, you can sideload it. The links are included below, but be sure you know what you’re doing before you proceed. For most people, it’s best to wait for the OTA update.

The OnePlus 8 and 8T are not the newest phones OnePlus delivered, but it’s always nice seeing slightly older phones getting updates. It did take these T-Mobile variants quite a bit of time to receive Android 12, but it’s finally here, and let’s hope without major issues.


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