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Apple iOS 14.6/iPadOS 14.6 RC quasi-official version released

support spatial audio and lossless audio, AirTag loss mode can add email address

Early this morning, Apple released iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6 RC (Release Candidate) updates for developers.

iOS and iPadOS 14.6 added support for Apple Music features, including Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio.

Apple said that spatial audio will provide an immersive audio experience, while lossless audio will provide higher quality music. At the time of release, thousands of tracks will support spatial audio, and over 20,000 songs will support lossless audio. By the end of this year, 75 million songs will support lossless audio.

Apple iOS 14.6/iPadOS 14.6 RC quasi-official version released
Support Apple Music features

Naijatechnews understands that for AirTags, the beta version adds a new feature that allows users to enter an email address as a contact method in Lost Mode instead of a phone number. In iOS 14.5, there is no option to use email, and Apple only allows the use of phone numbers.

Apple iOS 14.6/iPadOS 14.6 RC quasi-official version released
iOS 14.5 Airtag

iOS 14.6 will launch Apple’s podcast subscription service for the first time. This service was first announced at the Apple conference in April.

Apple iOS 14.6 RC version update content:

Apple Card‌ Family

  • Apple Card‌ can be shared with up to five people, including anyone 13 or older in the user’s family sharing group
  • Apple Card‌ Family supports family tracking expenditures, and establishes credit together with optional limits and control management expenditures


  • Subscription support for channels and personal programs

AirTag and Find My

  • “Lost Mode” can add email addresses instead of phone numbers to AirTag and “Find My Network” attachments
  • When using NFC-enabled devices, AirTag will show the owner’s phone number partially obscured


  • Voice control users can use voice when unlocking for the first time after restarting iPhone‌

This version also fixes the following issues:

  • After using locked iPhone‌ on Apple Watch, it may not be able to unlock with Apple Watch
  • The reminder may appear as a blank line
  • The call blocking extension may not be displayed in the settings
  • During a call, the Bluetooth device may sometimes disconnect or send audio to other devices
  • iPhone‌ may decrease performance during startup

1. iOS 14/iPadOS 14 developer preview test version description file: click here to download

2. iOS 14/iPadOS 14 public beta description file: click here to download

Note to WeChat readers: After following the official WeChat account of [IT House], reply to the keyword “Description File” or “Apple” to get the most convenient current version of the description file and guide!

3. A complete manual necessary for downloading description files and iOS firmware:

” Apple iOS description file download complete & complete guide: play the beta version / limited upgrade… essential “

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