How To Find The Best Laptop Deals In Ghana?

Source: CNET

Once you’ve figured out the specs you are looking for in your next laptop, the next step is to find the perfect, most reliable place to buy it from. You basically have two choices that further expose you to various options. Do you want to buy a new laptop or a refurbished one will do?

Brand new laptops are going to be super expensive but if money is not a problem for you, then go for them. For more budget-friendly deals, you’re going to need this guide. And when it comes to laptops, we recommend budget-friendly – unless you’re a professional gamer or digital artist and want a heavy machine with serious horse power + pristine, uninterrupted performance.

To be fair, though, given the extensiveness of the secondhand computers market where people sell laptops that they no longer want, you can find all sorts of high end laptops there too if you look hard enough.

So, without further ado, here are the 5 places you must consider when looking to buy a new laptop.

1. Brand Stores

Brand’s own stores are some of the most reliable places that you can find for laptop purchases. There’s a lot of trust when you are buying directly from the company and you know you won’t be scammed. If you are buying your first laptop or from a new company, brand stores hire knowledgeable sales and tech people that can help answer a lot of your concerns. And again, you can trust the information they give you. Plus, the information is always updated.

In addition to new systems and new models, a lot of brands sell their own refurbished laptops and other accessories. Dell, Lenovo, and HP are some of the brands with ongoing offers for their refurbished/renewed products. Even if you don’t want to buy a refurbished laptop, many brands often go on sale or have discount offers going on that’ll bring the final price significantly down.

2. Online Platforms

While brand stores are great to find reliable laptop deals, they are not always the best deals. For one, you can’t compare prices. When you are looking for deals and best prices, it’s important to know what else is out there and if someone is willing to sell what you want to buy at an even cheaper price or with greaterwhistles and bows.

Online marketplaces that sell laptops and other accessories often have customized comparison tables that you can consult before you reach a decision. You can compare laptops of similar specs, across brands, and based on whether you want old or new systems. Many of these online platforms also allow you to sell your old laptop and use that money to get a new one from the website.

Another great feature of buying from an online shop is to have the home deliver option where you can also pay on the spot.

3. The Local Market

If you don’t trust online shops, your local electronics marketplace may be a good idea to explore. This especially works if you are a guy and don’t mind rush hours or crowded markets. Your trusted IT repair person can also be a great source of finding the best laptop deals. Perhaps one of their regular customers is looking to offload a perfectly good machine to make room for the new model. If you can find such a deal, it’s a win-win situation for everyone as you are buying from someone who you already trust.

The local market is also great to make price comparisons. Shop keepers are willing to offer competitive rates to secure the sale. By spending a bit of time roaming around the shops you can see what’s available in the market, at what price, and whether the specs list you’ve brought with you needs some updates.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a thriving space for sellers and buyers. If you are an online shopping pro, you should have no trouble traversing the murky waters that is the Facebook Marketplace and find the best laptop deals for yourself.

It is the best place you can go to for localized results. Meaning, you won’t have to travel far to pick up the laptop that you’ve just bought online. Some local stores also sell their inventory online when they have to empty the shelves to make room for incoming stock. When you can find such a discounted sale, make sure you take the most advantage of it. It represents best prices, reliable warranty, and trustworthy seller all at the same time.

5. Friends and Acquaintances

If someone from your social circle is selling their used laptop, perhaps it can be a great idea to check it out and see if it’s something you are looking for. Buying from a friend or a trusted acquaintance has its upsides. Most likely, you already know the condition it is in and how it was used under the care of its owner. You also have an idea of its performance level and there’s no one trying to dupe you with flowery language.

The cons are also there. You may not be able to haggle much over the price as you’re buying from friend and don’t want to come off as too cheap or trying to rip them off. Plus, if the machine breaks down after the purchase, it is going to be quite awkward trying to take it to the seller (your friend) and blaming them for giving you faulty equipment – something that you’d have no trouble doing if you had bought it from a stranger online or from a local shop.

So, if you trust your friend/acquaintance fully and have confidence in the system’s performance, buying from a friend outweighs almost all other options.


With laptop and computer prices continuing to soar, knowing the best places to find the friendliest laptop deals can save you a ton of money. To make the process easier, have a list ready of the specifications and features you are looking for in your new laptop. See what the ongoing prices are for laptops that offer all your desired features. Once you have this basic information in your hand, finding the best laptop deals in Ghana will become that much more efficient and focused. Don’t forget to check the warranty, though. And if none is available, walk away – it’s not a deal that you want to spend your money on.



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