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Dogecoin used to be a clear stream in the currency circle, the founder only earned a second-hand Honda

 If it were not sold, it is now worth 160 million

According to a CCTV financial report, Dogecoin, which has exploded this year, has experienced a roller coaster market in the past 72 hours. On May 8th, Musk made a joke of “Dogecoin is a scam” on a famous American variety show, which caused Dogecoin to plunge nearly 40% on May 9. On May 10, Musk once again tweeted that he would use SpaceX rockets to send Dogecoin to the moon next year, but Dogecoin still fluctuates sharply today.


Where does Dogecoin come from?

In 2013, Jackson Palmer, the product manager of Adobe, saw the frenzied issuance of coins in the currency circle, and half-joked in the upper part of Twitter, saying, come and invest in my DogeCoin. The next thing to happen is it. Later, he registered the Dogecoin website and posted the Logo with the “Shiba Inu Dog Head Face” emoticon pack.

Then Billy Markus, a software engineer from IBM, found him, and the two hit it off. Dogecoin was forked from the ready-made open source Litecoin and became a Dogecoin that can be traded.

In the beginning, Dogecoin was welcomed by a small group. Many participants recalled that the strong MLM taste revealed by many projects in the currency circle at the time was the taste of money, but the Dogecoin created for fun was like a clear stream.

However, in 2018, large retail trading platforms such as Robin Hood allowed to trade Dogecoin, and then Musk began to recommend Dogecoin in various ways on Twitter, which continued to fuel the price of Feitian.

CCTV reported that Jackson Palmer left the cryptocurrency circle in 2015. Billy Markus recently revealed that he was fired by the company in 2015 and was financially strained. He bought a second-hand Honda with all Dogecoin on hand. If a two-handed Honda costs 20,000 yuan, then this car was recently bought for 160 million yuan.

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