Effective Outreach Mailing: 5 Tips To Avoid the Spam Folder

Spam filters are one of the biggest challenges for email marketers. Nowadays, mail service providers implement them to protect their users from harmful and fishing messages. However, your email newsletter might also become marked as spam, and this will cause a lot of issues for your email account.

How can you prevent mail from going to spam, especially when you use a mass email sender? Here are a few tips for avoiding spam filters.

What are Spam Filters in Email Marketing?

As we have already mentioned, spam filters are programs designed to identify unsolicited emails. They might mark emails as spam using different criteria, e.g. language, specific rules, header content, etc.

But don’t worry: as an email marketer, you can prevent email from going to spam using these simple rules.

Avoid Spam Trigger Words

Words like “discount”, “limited offer”, “sale”, “x% off” and many others, especially used a few times in one email, are most likely to trigger filters, and your campaign will immediately go to subscribers’ spam folder.


Be creative and rephrase your messages. Try to use a personal touch and interesting approaches instead of producing another typical sales email that will only cause annoyance.

Increase Engagement From Subscribers

Low engagement associated with your email account will scream that you might send spam, and that will push providers to restrict your capacities.

Hence, focus on creating interactive, catchy emails that will push subscribers not only to read them to the end but to click on the link or send a reply. This will show that you are not a spammer or fraudster, but a person or company that creates value and gets positive reactions from email users.

Personalize The Email

Personalization is a key to making your email unique and caring in the eyes of email providers. Moreover, such emails are also more likely to catch the eye of the recipients and interact with your content.

Usually, email address harvester software will be able to provide you with the necessary data to personalize your emails, including first and last names, company’s manes, positions, etc.

Test Your Deliverability/Spam Score With Tools

How to avoid bulk emails going to spam? The first thing to do is to test your email account and analyze what spam score it has. It will help you to see the real state of your account and avoid sending campaigns from dangerous email addresses.

Grow Your List the Right Way

There are several ways you can obtain someone’s email: ask for it (for example, share a sign-up form with your long-time customers), gather them with email tools, or buy a list.

As you can guess, the right approach will be the first one. Getting explicit permission will save you from any issues, however, it won’t always be possible. Using email extractors might also work as well, however, you should be careful and always include opt-out options for any of your subscribers.

Wrapping Up

These tips should explain how to avoid sending emails to the spam folder of your clients. Don’t neglect them, and you won’t have any problems with spam regulations.


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