How to find and add your friends on Discord

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How to find and add your friends on Discord? For those who do not know Discord, it is an app that offers direct messaging services and that connects you through text chat, video or voice chat. This platform allows, through its servers, to bring together people on common themes and it is a widely used channel nowadays. But maybe you are a new user in this application and you want to know how to find and add friends to chat online .

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In the beginning, this platform was used by video players or gamer , who could share strategies or tricks related to a particular game. But thanks to the change I made recently, it is now the meeting point for many users who discuss a wide variety of topics. And the versatility of this App is such that it is possible to create a Discord account from your Android .

Another functionality of this extraordinary platform is the possibility that it offers you to connect or link it with your video game console, be it Switch, PS4 or Xbox . Furthermore, you can also put Music Bots on the Discord server . As you can see, it is an excellent option, where you as a user can exploit and create a server with a particular theme or enter a server that has already been created.

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  1. Practical ways to add new friends on Discord
    1. Use username or DiscordTag
    2. From your user’s profile
    3. Display the options menu
  2. How can I cancel a request that I have previously submitted?
  3. What is the best way to remove or block someone who sends me offensive content on Discord?
  4. Common mistakes why you won’t be able to add a new friend on Discord
    1. You misspelled your DiscordTag
    2. Maintains privacy settings
    3. They are not on the same server

Practical ways to add new friends on Discord

If you are already using Discord and don’t know how you can add new friends to share with them . You have come to the right place, since we will indicate the three different methods that you will have for it. And you will know how you should proceed to send a friend request to anyone in the community.

Use username or DiscordTag

The first method you can use to find and add friends on Discord is via username, which you create when you sign up. Or through the unique code that identifies you, the DiscordTag . The latter is a 4-digit number that the platform assigns you automatically, therefore you must have this data, and then you must do the following.

In Discord look for the option “Friends” and select it, then you will choose the option “Add friends”. The next step is to enter the username, then the pound sign and finally the DiscordTag and it will be something like this “Luisfer # 1234”. Then you must press or click on the button “Send friend request” and you will receive a message indicating that the request was sent.

From your user’s profile

The last option you have to add friends in Discord to chat online is by entering the user’s profile directly, once you complete this step you will continue with the following: select the person’s profile, then select the option “View profile” that it is located on the user’s photo.

Now you will see on the screen a button with the following message “Send friend request” which you must select for the request to be carried out. If everything has gone as expected, you will receive a message indicating that the friend request was sent .

Display the options menu

The next method that you can use to add friends is more direct and consists of going to the user’s own profile that you want to add. Once you locate it, position yourself on it with the cursor and then you must right-click. This action will allow a menu of options to be displayed, in our case we are going to select the option “Add friends”.

The next step is to check that the action we have just carried out has been fulfilled, therefore we must go to the “Friends” section. And we will select the option “Pending”, now all the pending requests that you have made will be displayed on the screen . And in the username you want to add, the message “Outgoing friend request” will be displayed.

How can I cancel a request that I have previously submitted?

Now, it is possible that when making the friend request of a user , for strange reasons you have made a mistake. And you have requested the friendship of another person, then it will be necessary for you to cancel that request. Something that in Discord is easy to do and we will explain it to you below, you just have to follow these simple steps:

Go to the beginning of the platform and for this you must press or click on the Discord icon, then select the “Friends” section. The next step will be to select the “Pending” tab and you will now be taken to a new page. It shows all the outgoing friend requests and on the right side you will find an X (X) that means cancel. Now you just have to click or tap on the X that corresponds to the user you want to cancel the friend request.

What is the best way to remove or block someone who sends me offensive content on Discord?

It is very likely that you will come across users who are rude to you in some way, sending you offensive messages. And the safest thing is that you want to avoid them, therefore it is advisable in these cases to block them. If you are determined to remove or block someone from your friends list, do not hesitate to follow these instructions.

The first step is to find the user you are going to block and select it , this action will take you to a new screen where their profile photo is displayed. Now click or tap on the option “View profile”, now you will see the option “Send friend request”. On the right side of this option you will find the icon with three dots which you must select.

Two options will be displayed and in our case you will choose the “Block” option, once this step is completed, we will only have to check that this action was carried out correctly. Therefore we will go to the beginning of the application and select the Friends option, then choose the “Blocked” tab and there you will have the contacts that you have blocked .

Common mistakes why you won’t be able to add a new friend on Discord

There are very common mistakes that users usually make on a daily basis and that prevent in some way from adding a new friend . These errors must be taken into account and thus avoid headaches. Among them we can mention the modifications of the privacy settings, spelling errors or the use of different servers.

You misspelled your DiscordTag

As we mentioned before, when you register as a user in Discord, the platform assigns you a 4-digit code. And this information is necessary to know to add a friend , but it is possible that you are wrong when writing the code. Or make spelling mistakes when entering the username or adding spaces or using upper and lower case.

Maintains privacy settings

Discord allows its users to modify privacy options and determine who can add you as friends. Therefore friend requests have been disabled and you will have to enter this section and modify it. Remember that Discord can suffer some failures such as audio, where you do not hear or they hear you .

They are not on the same server

Another very common mistake that users make on Discord is sending friend requests to users with whom you do not share the same server . Therefore, it will be impossible to carry out this action and the same happens when you do not have friends in common. It will be impossible for these friends to receive friend requests from you.


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