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How to host a Spotify listening party on Discord using your laptop or phone

How to host a Spotify listening party on Discord using your laptop or phone, latest tech guide and tips on Naijatechnews.

While Discord may be a popular choice among gamers, the communication platform has expanded beyond gaming over the past year.

Discord lets you host a virtual group listening party by streaming your favorite tracks to your friends using Spotify Premium and the “Listen Along” feature.

It is important to note that all the participants will need a Spotify Premium account to access the feature.

Hosting a Spotify listening party on Discord using your laptop or phone is quite easy to get started:

  • Open the Spotify app on your computer or phone and play any song.
  • Then, go to the music party server in the Discord app.
  • When you see a green play icon on the plus button, you’re ready to start the listening party.
  • Click the plus button and choose the option to invite the channel to listen to Spotify.
  • When the “Listen Along Invite” window pops open, type in an additional comment if you want, or click the “Send Invite” button.
  • This invite link is dynamic, and the song titles will keep changing as long as you play the music.

That’s it. You’ll see the profile icons in the invite box when your friends join the stream. After that, you can manually change the songs or playlists to get the party going.

Hosting a Spotify listening party on your phone

 To get started with it, pull up the Spotify app on your Android or iOS/iPadOS device, and then load a song. From there, tap on the little “Connect” icon in the lower-left corner of your display.

Scroll down past your streamable devices, and you’ll see the new listing for Spotify group sessions. Tap that big green button to start your own session. Nothing will happen until friends of yours have joined your little “Who’s listening” room, and you can summon them in by tapping on the “Invite friends” button and sending them a text message with your room’s link.

You can also copy and paste that link anywhere you want— Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

So, that’s how you can use Discord’s Listen Along feature to host listening parties with Spotify. You can also rely on Spotify’s group sessions feature to organize a listening party among a group of five friends.

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