How To Know Anyone’s Real Location (IP) Online

How To Know Anyone's Real Location (IP) Online

Some times you might be chatting with someone on the social media without knowing their real or actual location, they might tell you that they are in the USA, or any other country, but how do you verify if they are actually there?with the guide on this post you will be able track and know the actual location of any one you are chatting with online without even asking them or raising any suspicion, read on to figure out how know anyone’s real location online.

Verifying or tracking people’s real location(internet IP location) can be necessary when you get in contact with people you don’t know or trust, people can chat you up on the social media(Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc) with disguise, either to get you into some sort of investment or something like that, in most cases this offers and persons are fake, with fake Identity and locations.

The first thing a fake or scam oriented person will do before carrying out his duty is to use fake Internet location(IP Address), now how can you know the authenticity of anyone’s internet location, if its fake or real?, continue reading to figure out how.

How To Know The Real Location(Internet IP Location) Of Anyone Online

You will need some online tools to help, An IP Address Grabber, A link Shortener and Any online landing page, for this tutorial we will make use of Grabify for the IP grabbing, Bitly for the URL shortening and Amazon for the random landing page.

1 – First Open and sign up(create an account) for free

2 – Then Visit any website to get your landing page link, I will be using for this tutorial because it will aid on trick I want to use so as to avert suspicion from the person I want to get his internet location and get him to clicking it

3- Now open and search for any item, maybe a phone or something, then copy the products page url

4 – Now return back to Grabify, and click on create link, then paste the url you copied from the site, this will create a link that you can send to the person, copy the link but don’t send the link just like that, you need to hide it further,

How To Know Anyone's Real Location (IP) Online

5 – Now we need to hide the Grabify link with a url shorten, for this tutorial I will use Bitly, note you can use any url shortener of your choice

6- Now Visit and create an account, then login and click on create link, paste the grabify link into the space provided and created

How To Know Anyone's Real Location (IP) Online

7- Now Copy the Bitly link and send it to the person you want to grab his real IP location, to know his real internet location, like I said earlier I copied a product from Amazon so as to help trick the person into clicking the link, here is where I will apply it.

I will send the link to the person with a caption like this,

“Hello, please I want to buy the phone(product) on Amazon but the price is somehow fishy, please help me check if this product is original or if the price is actually the real price”


You can use any write up of your choice, depending on the landing page you used

8- Now there are high probability that the person will click on the link I sent him, and his internet location will be grabbed immediately he does that

9- Now all need you to do is to open and login to your grabify account and check it out the result

How To Know Anyone's Real Location (IP) Online

10 – Click on links on the grabify menu option, the click the link created earlier and view the results, the results tagged bots are the one done by the link shortener, while the one that has a browser like Mozilla tagged to it are the main clicks

How To Know Anyone's Real Location (IP) Online

11- Now Click on it to view the full details

As seen on the screenshot below, Country’s name is shown, plus the ISP(ie the network the person is using) and the device and browser used, the ISP showed MTN, the Country showed Nigeria and there is no Indication of a the use of a VPN.

How To Know Anyone's Real Location (IP) Online

12 – On the screenshots below the persons country is equally shown, but did you noticed something different?, this particular person is using a VPN to hide is real location, If you check the screenshot below you will see that Time zone is showing Africa/Lagos, while the country says Germany, and the ISP(the network the person uses) shows OVH, this three conflicting details is a clear indication that the person is somewhere in Nigeria but uses a VPN to change his location to Germany, grabify also indicated that the person might be using a VPN

How To Know Anyone's Real Location (IP) Online

Also looking at the ISP section, it written OVH, which is a Virtual server provide, not a network in Germany, known networks in the UK, Germany, USA etc includes O2, Three, At&T, Ortel, etc know networks in Africa includes Airtel, Halotel, Vodacom, Vodacom, MTN, Globacom, Etisalat(9mobile), Netone, etc

That’s all on how you can track and identify anyone’s real internet location online, hope you Learnt something new today.

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