How to Load Airtel data – Airtel Data Card Recharge Code (2022)

How to Load Airtel data – Airtel Data Card Recharge Code (2022)

If you are an Airtel customer and yet you are unaware of the Airtel Data Card Recharge Code, welcome to a post that will show you how to subscribe and guide you through. Please be informed that Airtel Data Card Recharge Code is not the same as Airtel Credit recharge codes, this is very important. This post will give you the information you need regarding steps on how to subscribe To different Airtel Data Plans using the Airtel data recharge Code.


The Airtel Data Card Recharge Code function is mainly to help an Airtel user to recharge and subscribe to the Airtel data plan or bundle. On the other hand, the recharge code is mainly for recharging airtime.

If you want to recharge your Airtel line with Airtel data, dial *141# on your mobile phone and press the dial button. An option will pop up for you to choose your desired data plan, once you follow the prompt, it will be activated.

 Airtel Nigeria is unarguably one of the data providers that offer cheap data services to Nigerians. The telecommunication company keeps surprising users with new plans more often. Load Airtel data

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Airtel Nigeria is among the top telecommunication giants in Nigeria, they have been consistent in the provision of reliable and affordable data service to Nigerians. The company which acquired Zain’s license and customer base has been able to deliver a sustained excellent call and data service to its customers in Nigeria. 

Airtel Data Recharge Code

You can not subscribe to any Airtel Data plan by making use of the Airtel Recharge Code and this is why this article is very important.

There are different levels and categories of data plans. Each of these different data plans has its own unique recharge USSD codes. The code for subscribing to the Airtel daily data plan is different from the code used in subscribing to the Airtel night data plan.

As you continue reading this post, you will see the different and most important Airtel Data Recharge Codes that you will always need to remember from time to time. These data recharge codes will be for daily plans, night plans, and monthly plans.

Airtel Monthly Data Plan Recharge Code

There is a difference between the monthly data plan and the daily, weekly, or night data plan, with regards to the activation codes. This is why you must study the codes and know the ones that you will need to use depending on your desired data subscription plan. 

If you want to subscribe to the Airtel Monthly Data Plan, please follow the steps listed below to avoid mistakes.

  • In your phone’s dial pad, type *141# and press the send or call button.
  • An option will be displayed with different subscription plans
  • Choose the monthly data plan and send it.
  • Another message will be displayed for the data plan amount.
  • Choose the amount that you want to subscribe to and send.

Let us say that you have money in your Airtel account balance and you are finding it difficult to follow the steps written above to subscribe to your Airtel Monthly Data Plan, you can use a different Airtel recharge code depending on the amount you want to subscribe with.

You need to follow the instructions that are given below to be able to activate an Airtel Monthly Data Plan if you already have money in your Airtel account. WAEC result

If you want to subscribe for an Airtel Monthly Data Plan and get 1.5GB for N1,000, simply dial *141*1000* on your phone or PC.

To subscribe to Airtel Monthly Data Plan and get 3.5GB for N1,500, simply dial *141*1500# on your PC or phone. There is a bonus of 1GB on this plan and it is a night bonus that can only be used between 12:am to 7:am in the morning.

How To Recharge Data Card Via App.

If you want to recharge your data card through the Airtel app, simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the Airtel Thanks App and log in.
  2. Press ‘Recharge” on the app.
  3. Head to Data Recharge and click on it.
  4. Put in your registered name or phone number.
  5. Choose the operator.
  6. Search for plans, make your choice, and click ‘Pay Now’.

Airtel Data Card Recharge with Payments Bank

Before you can do this, you must, first of all, create an Airtel account and also need to download the Airtel Thanks App. This is to enable you to carry out online payments for Airtel services.


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