Instagram Launches 1 Minute Music In India

Instagram Launches 1 Minute Music In India

According to Instagram, the 1 Minute Music will include music videos with tracks. Reels have become a platform for artists to showcase their music. Artists use the platform to share their music with others. In return, the platform gets its new trends.


The 1 Minute Music will inspire other artists to share their talent on the platform. Notably, the property will represent music from artists across the country. Also, music from artists like Himanshi Khurana has already gone live. LIkewise, music from Gurnazar Chattha and Kaur B is live too.

Instagram Launches 1 Minute Music In India
Instagram spares no effort when it comes to delivering an unparalleled experience. The platform has a reputation for doling out user-friendly functions from time to time. The app is gearing up to bring a full-screen display experience for photos and videos.

Further, Instagram will be teaming up with music distribution company Believe. This partnership aims at making the special collection available to Instagram users. Believe’s MD Vivek Raina admitted that Reels are a vital part of the company’s plans. Further, he said Believe seeks to engage more audiences for its artists. It wants to blend its songs into pop culture.

Instagram Launches 1 Minute Music In India

Moreover, Raina said the #1MinMusic trend is relevant to the modern genre of music. Further, he hopes this will artists a much-needed structure. Notably, this 1 Minute Music feature will be available within the Reels’ audio gallery.

Alternatively, you can find it here. Facebook India Director Paras Sharma also spoke on the occasion. Moreover, he points out that music triggers Instagram trends. In fact, users discover new music and artists on Reels. Further, 1 Minute Music will give users access to a set of tracks for their Reels.

While Instagram is trying to make Reels more entertaining, Russia has banned the app. The country accuses Instagram and Facebook of extremist activities.


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