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LG rollable OLED TV won SID2021 “Display of the Year” Award: Can completely hide the screen

LG Display stated that at the SID2021 (International Information Display Society) to be held online from May 17th to 21st, LG Display’s 65-inch rollable TV won the “Display of the Year” (Display of the Year). Year)” awards. Prior to this, LG Display had won the SID “Display of the Year” award and “Display Application of the Year” for two consecutive years with the 65-inch Wallpaper OLED TV in 2017 and the “Crystal Sound OLED” in 2018. Display Application of the Year)” award.

LG rollable OLED TV won SID2021
Society for Information Display (LG display)

According to Naijatechnews close source, the “Society for Information Display” (SID) is the world’s largest display society . Its purpose is to promote the development of information display technology and the information display industry. It has more than 6000 display industry experts, researchers, Professors and other members are academic groups that show that the discipline has a leading position.

SID holds an exhibition every year to showcase the most advanced technologies and products in the industry. The “Annual Display” award is the most important honor award issued at the exhibition. The award will be awarded to the most forward-looking product among the display products listed in the previous year.

The official name of this LG TV is Signature OLED R, a 65-inch 4K flexible OLED panel TV, which will be launched in Korea in October 2020. The biggest feature of this LG roll-up TV is the roll-up screen, which can be rolled and stored in a square aluminum alloy base (also the speaker and main unit).

LG rollable OLED TV won SID2021
LG roll-up TV

The screen is as thin as paper, and the flexible material is easy to curl. This TV, which incorporates high-end display technology and is highly artistic, has been rated as a next-generation innovative product, demonstrating the infinite possibilities of OLED display to the entire display industry.

Chief technology officer of LG Display, said: “LG Display will continue to develop innovative and differentiated OLED technologies, and continue to expand the market and accelerate the popularization of OLEDs by creating innovative value.”

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