Mobile technologies and what advancements mean for gaming

Improvements to mobile gaming hinge on mobile technological developments. In fact, the entire gaming industry has become more sophisticated with increased capabilities due to advancements in relevant technologies. Weve taken a look at some of those recent tech developments and identified how mobile gaming is benefitting.

#1: Augmented reality

Augmented reality is when the world around us can be edited through the use of sophisticated technologies. In smartphones and tablets, this is achieved through the devices camera. Using the camera, the technology can manipulate what we see through the lens, creating a fictional world within the real world we live in.

What this means for gaming? The introduction of augmented reality in smartphones has been influential to create new mobile games never seen before. The best example is Pokémon Go, a game where players can try to capture fictional Pokémon within the real world. The game was a worldwide success, generating billions in profit.

#2: Mobile gaming control pads

Mobile gaming control pads are new accessories that can be attached or plugged into our smartphones. They allow us to play games on the smartphone without using any of the buttons on the device itself.

What this means for gaming? By introducing smartphone gaming pads, gamers can now play games with more comfort, enabling longer mobile gaming sessions. Moreover, by expanding the type of controls and number of commands, mobile games can become more elaborate with additional functions within games.

#3: 5G Connectivity

5G connectivity is the next generation in internet connection. It enables faster download speeds like never experienced before. In fact, the jump from 4G to 5G can create speeds that are x100 quicker.  

What this means for gaming? Faster connectivity will reduce lag time when playing games, making live mobile gaming even better. You’ll be able to play live games against friends with limited interruptions, and live casino games will become more reliable when it matters most.  

#4: IPS

Smartphone specs referring to screen quality usually zone in on HD screen resolutions, OLED, LED and retina displays. But one of the things most people dont know about is IPS, which is a revolutionary screen technology that can enhance colours and create sharper images with more viewing angles.

What does this mean for gaming? IPS is found in high-end smartphones, which allows these devices to accommodate more sophisticated mobile games that require detailed graphics. Continual advancements in screen technology, as well as bigger screen sizes, are contributing to more attractive mobile games.

#5: Longer battery life

The battery life of even the best smartphones has been limited for years. Thankfully, manufacturers are raising the priority of battery life within the development phase, which means we can now buy high-end smartphones that dont skimp on the time between charges.

What this means for gaming? Improved battery life in smartphones allows gamers to enjoy playing smartphone games without having to worry about finding a charging port, which makes mobile games more attractive than ever.


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