Noise i1: price in India, availability

The Noise i1 has been launched at an introductory price of Rs 5,999. The product will only be available through Noise’s official online store for now, and there are no details yet in terms of their availability through multi-brand retailers or e-commerce sites. The smart glasses are available for purchase already.

Key features

The Noise i1 has an MEMC microphone for accepting and conducting voice calls, which works on the principle of frequency compression to try and make voice calls sound clear. It has Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connectivity for pairing with phones and streaming wirelessly through them. Noise also claims that the smart glasses offer a “guided audio design”, and can also “block out noise” from surroundings – but does not explain how these features would work with the smart glasses.

The glasses also use gesture-based controls for music playback, call reception and accessing the voice assistant of the phone it is paired with. The latter is different from the physical buttons that the Bose Frames feature for the same range of controls. Noise also does not detail what audio drivers it uses. In terms of battery life, the company says that the frames can last for nine hours of usage time on a single charge, and uses a magnetic charging adapter. It also has quick charging, where 15 minutes of charge can produce two hours of usage time.

The Noise i1 is the first product designed by the company’s newly incubated Noise Labs – which was unveiled on May 11. During the latter’s announcement, Noise had said that the facility will work as an innovation centre for the company, working on new products to expand the brand’s portfolio. In an interview with Mint, Amit Khatri, co-founder of Noise, said earlier this month that the company plans to scale up hiring, enter new markets outside India, and have up to four commercially stable product lineups by the end of 2022 – of which the smart glasses seem to be the first one.

Source: 91 Mobiles.