BOE will provide OLED screens for iPhone next year, with a whole production line dedicated to Apple

Earlier, it was reported that the Chinese display manufacturer originally provided Apple with for the 12 models. Unfortunately, the first batch of products were full of quality-related issues. Apple has to rely on companies such as Samsung and LG. However, this does not mean that BOE’s screen will not be used by Apple again, because according to a latest report, iPhone 13 may use this display manufacturer’s OLED screen.

According to a report from the French website iPhoneaddict, BOE executives revealed to the South Korean media that they have a production line called B11, which they also call the “Apple line”. Why is it called this name? Because this production line is rumored to be specifically for Apple to produce OLED screens for the iPhone 13 in the second half of 2021 , it is expected to operate at full capacity in the second half of 2021.

If successful, BOE is likely to supply OLED screens to Apple together with Samsung and LG, but it is still unclear which iPhone 13 will get which panel from which supplier.

As for the iPhone 13, Naijatechnews has learned that it was previously reported that it may become the first smartphone launched by Apple without a charging port, providing a completely “portless” solution that will be fully charged wirelessly. Of course, it is difficult to verify whether this news is reliable or not.