Break a hundred in 2.1 seconds! The Tesla Model S Plaid may need to use a deceleration umbrella when competing

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News from NTN House September 26 At the Tesla Battery Day event held on Tuesday, Musk announced that Model S Plaid has begun to accept orders and will begin delivery to customers at the end of 2021. As Tesla’s most advanced electric car, Model S Plaid is powerful, with a cruising range of more than 520 miles (approximately 836 kilometers), 0-100km/h acceleration time of less than 2.1 seconds, 0-1/4 miles (ie 0-400 M) The acceleration time is less than 9 seconds, thanks to its three electric motors, which can produce 1,100 horsepower, Tesla said it set the record for the fastest production model.

This will make Tesla’s flagship sedan a completely terrifying presence on the racing track, especially the previous iteration models, such as the Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode and Model S Performance, are already fast enough to make supercars feel awkward.

Brooks Weisblat, a Tesla owner and drag racing enthusiast on the YouTube DragTimes channel, has extensive racing experience and often competes with electric cars such as Tesla Model S P100D or traditional supercars such as McLaren 720S. Weisblat said that the Model S Plaid is a very crazy vehicle. Considering its performance, it may be too fast for some race tracks in the United States.

The racing veteran said that in order for the Model S Plaid to run less than 9 seconds in a quarter mile, the speed of the vehicle must exceed 240 km/h. Weisblat pointed out that many drag races in the United States have put forward more safety requirements for vehicles of this level. For example, a car that hits a quarter mile at a speed of 240 km/h needs a parachute to help them slow down . Vehicles that run a quarter mile in 8 seconds or 9 seconds are usually required to be equipped with a roll cage or at least one roll bar during the race.

Naija Tech News understands that even a 9-second car like the McLaren 720S is sometimes not allowed to race on the racing track according to the regulations of the NHRA Association.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is a monster-class family car that can comfortably seat five people and carry a lot of luggage for long-distance travel. The price is also quite reasonable. After all, there are few cars on the market that can cost 1 million yuan. Provides considerable performance at around the price.

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