Breaking: Promo Videos of Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Leaked!

A few days ago, Samsung accidentally confirmed the launch date of the Galaxy S23 series. And in case you missed it, the Galaxy unpacked event is all set for February 1. That event will introduce all the S23 devices to the world. But why keep waiting for that long when you can know most about them through leaked promo videos?


Yes, the title was not clickbait! The teaser videos of the new flagships have just emerged on the web. And the videos showcase what the Galaxy S23 Ultra is all about. And might I even say, even though I think the S23 is “Boringly Perfect,” the videos have got me a little hyped!

Leaked Promo Video of Galaxy S23 Ultra

The visual element of these leaked videos is the three camera lenses. Just like the invitation image that Samsung confirmed a few days ago. The first video highlights “megapixels that’ll make you say wooow.” So, we can confirm that the teaser is for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The leakster Ice Universe has been talking a bit about the new hardware. Also, the cat talked a lot about better image processing of the Galaxy S23 series. And it seems like the info was pretty valid. The second leaked video is all about “stunning night photos are coming sooon.” Again, there is “ooo,” which refers to the three camera lenses.

Ice Universe has also been complaining about Samsung focusing too much on the new camera. The main point is that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra didn’t leave enough resources to upgrade the periscope hardware. That might be something that we will see on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

And according to recent leaks, the upcoming S23 Ultra might even skimp on the selfie camera. It can come with a 12 MP sensor instead of a 40 MP shooter. At least, the primary camera will allow 8K 30 FPS recording. That is something that previous models failed to offer.