Business leaders criticize the pace of 5G in Europe: more than half of EU member states have not commercialized 5G

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An organization representing Europe’s largest industrial player criticized the pace of 5G deployment in the region, calling for improved spectrum allocation processes and better incentives for private investment.

In a research report, the European Industrial Roundtable (ERI) pointed out that compared with other large industrial regions, Europe is “significantly behind” in 5G.

Criticisms include that more than half of the EU member states have not yet provided commercial 5G, and countries that have already provided commercial 5G are far behind countries such as South Korea in terms of deployment.

The organization estimates that in European countries with active networks, there are 10 5G base stations per million people, compared with 1,500 per million people in South Korea. It also added that the rate of 4G infrastructure upgrades to 5G is “just as bad”.

The organization believes that 5G technology is essential for digital transformation and industry innovation, but stated that “although Europe has two world-leading mobile infrastructure companies actively participating in the global promotion of this technology,” concerns about Europe’s status are increasing.

Martin Lundstedt, Chairman of the ERI Digital Transformation Committee and Volvo Group CEO, added: “In order to close the gap, we urgently need a European agreement to deploy 5G; it will provide for 5G spectrum allocation and operation. A more uniform approach and better regulatory incentives for private investment.”

“5G is the core of our digital future, and digital technology will drive energy transformation, innovation, and a new world full of employment opportunities.” He continued, citing that the technology is an “element” for the EU’s green agreement environmental protection initiative. .

“Everything is connected together, which is why it is the most basic part of this equation.”

ERI claims that its members include CEOs and chairman of the 55 largest companies in the industrial and technological world in Europe.

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