Amazon and Meta Partnership to Allow Users Buy Amazon Products Directly on Facebook

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  • Amazon and Meta reach new partnership to allow users to purchase Amazon products directly on Facebook

Amazon and Meta reach new partnership to allow users to purchase Amazon products directly on Facebook

According to foreign media TechCrunch reported on Friday local time, Meta and Amazon have reached a new cooperation: Facebook and Instagram users can now associate their accounts with Amazon accounts. These social platforms purchase items directly from Amazon and checkout using payment information already saved with Amazon.

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Amazon spokesperson Callie Jernigan confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature will apply to specific products that are advertised on platforms like Facebook or Instagram and sold by Amazon stores or independent sellers. It said customers can check out directly without leaving the social app .

After the Meta platform account is associated with the Amazon account, the user’s payment information and default shipping address will also be synchronized, thereby achieving a nearly “seamless” cross-platform purchasing experience .

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The report also stated that Amazon signed an agreement with Meta at the same time that TikTok was trying to compete with Amazon. TikTok’s e-commerce business TikTok Shop was launched in the United States in September. Since TikTok itself has more than 150 million global users and has obvious influence among Millennials, Generation Z and even Alpha Generation, TikTok can Considered a “strong rival” to Amazon.

Note from Millennials, Generation Z, and Generation Alpha correspond to the people born in 1981-1996, the people born in 1997-2012, and the people born in the 2010s (or specifically after 2013) respectively.


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