“Call of Duty 16” Uninstallable mode details statistics, players can uninstall on demand

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According to foreign media PCgamer, the 1.28 update patch of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” will allow players to uninstall some infrequent modes.

“Call of Duty 16: Modern Warfare” has launched an update that allows players to uninstall the game mode on their own. Some players have tested the updated game and released the file size of each mode of the game.

  • Default installation (all installations): 232GB
  • Delete campaign mode: save 34.53GB
  • Remove multiplayer mode: save 42.12GB
  • Delete special mode (cooperative mode): 37.83GB can be saved
  • Delete all three of the above (only keep “War Zone”): save 129.16GB

Naijatechnews has learned that “Call of Duty: War Zone” is a free “Battle Royale” multiplayer game launched in “Call of Duty 16: Modern Warfare”, only as part of “Modern Warfare” or as a game mode . Now players can choose to keep only “War Zone”, so that only 103G of PC hard disk space can be played, which saves nearly half of the hard disk space compared to the full installation method.

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Earlier this month, some netizens reported that the capacity of their “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” has reached nearly 250 gigabytes. However, when the game was first released, it was only 175 gigabytes. It has now been nearly a year. .

Therefore, the official also took into account the needs of players and made corresponding improvements, so the current situation is also expected.

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