Can AI do this? Google’s black technology for automatic drawing is amazing

I don’t know how to draw at all, but what do you want to draw? This may have been a fantasy in the past. However, Google now has a black technology, even if you scribble, you can also generate a realistic painting! how did you do that? In fact, AI technology is used.

Google’s “AutoDraw” can draw pictures automatically!

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With the help of search engines, Google has a reputation for AI in recent years, and has made many projects that shock the industry, such as the Alpha Go that defeated Li Shishi and Ke Jie. This drawing-related AI is called “AutoDraw”, as you can tell from the name, it can draw automatically. Google made it into a web version of the Demo, click the link below, you can experience it.

Since it is a service of Google, to experience smoothly, it is best to use some special methods to keep the connection, otherwise even if the page is opened, some functions may not work. The function of AutoDraw is that you can draw sketches on the drawing board. Even if the drawing is messy, AI can distinguish what you draw and automatically draw the corresponding exquisite simple strokes.

The use of AutoDraw is very simple. After entering the drawing board, click the AutoDraw pen to start drawing. When you draw with AutoDraw brushes, AI will automatically recognize the range of your drawing and use the checkbox to automatically select it. At the same time, the AI ​​guessed picture content will be given at the top of the page. Click the drawing at the top of the page, and AutoDraw will automatically complete the drawing.

Just use the mouse to draw something, even if the drawing skills are bad

AutoDraw will automatically guess what you want to draw, and then give alternatives , which is quite simple and easy to use

In general, AutoDraw is very easy to use, and the effect is amazing . In fact, Google provided a WeChat applet demo for AI guess drawing in the early days. At that time, many people, including the author, had a great time.

The “Guess Painting Little Song” applet launched by Google before, AI can guess what you are painting

The reason why AutoDraw is so effective this time may also benefit from the recognition experience of this AI guessing applet and the collected data. As the training of big data increases, its skill should increase day by day, so interested friends may wish to play it.


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