How to Check UBA Account Balance from any Location


How to Check UBA Account Balance from any Location. 

Check UBA Account Balance – Do you know that you can check your UBA account balance within seconds on your phone with no difficulty and without stress? Read this post to find out how to do just that!

UBA Account Balance

United Bank of Africa (UBA) is one of the prestigious banks in Nigeria offering exceptional banking services to its customers. It has branches all over West Africa and in some parts of the world. Today, UBA provides wonderful banking packages, both on the internet and through a mobile connection, ensuring satisfaction to its numerous customers.

Benefits of UBA Mobile/Internet Banking

  • You can buy airtime and pay bills from the comfort of your home.
  • All transactions on your account can be checked without difficulty.
  • You can send and receive money anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • You can buy plane tickets from your UBA account.
  • You can access your account all day long.

Requirements for UBA Mobile Banking Platform

The following are the requirements:

  • An active UBA account
  • A completed web enrollment form
  • Executed indemnity (if you wish to raise your transaction limit)

How to Register for UBA Internet Banking

UBA internet banking platform is also known as U-Direct. There are three ways to register for UBA internet banking:

1. Instant self-enrollment

2. Registering through a Virtual Enrollment form

3. Registering at a local UBA branch

Instant Self-Enrollment

  • Visit the UBA page,
  • Click on the instant Self-registration button
  • Fill your information in the form that appears
  • You will receive a text from your bank with a confirmation code
  • This code is your one time password to UBA internet banking

Virtual Enrollment

Register at a Local Branch

You can visit the nearest UBA branch, fill in the forms there and get enrolled in UBA Internet Banking. Corporate clients have to go to the nearest UBA branch to register their employees under the corporate account.

How to Check UBA Account Balance Online

It is quite easy to check your UBA account balance on your internet-enabled smartphone, as long as you have an account with UBA bank. The following are the steps you need to follow:

  • Log in to your online banking platform
  • Click on “check account balance”
  • Your account statement will be shown on the screen

You can also carry out other activities on this platform.

How to Check your UBA Account Balance through your Mobile Phone

UBA has introduced a unique platform where you can access your account information even without internet access and all you need is a mobile phone with the phone number linked to your YBA bank account.

To check your UBA account balance, just dial *919*00#.

How to Check your UBA Account Balance through Mobile Phone App

UBA has also introduced an application which when downloaded to your phone gives you an avenue to carry out all banking transactions without difficulty. To use this application is quite easy; Login to your U-direct app and navigate to the check account balance button. Your account information will be displayed.

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