China’s first low-orbit satellite Internet of Things constellation “Apocalypse Constellation” is scheduled to be deployed before the end of next year

to achieve "air, space, earth and sea integration" system

NTN House, September 26 news, according to China News Agency, Beijing Guodian Hi-Tech Technology Co., Ltd. (Guodian Hi-Tech), a private high-tech enterprise, is constructing and operating China’s first low-orbit satellite IoT constellation “Apocalypse Constellation”, scheduled for 2021 The deployment will be completed before the end of the year.

The “Apocalypse Constellation” is composed of 38 low-orbit satellites. At present, 7 satellites are in orbit network operation and provide satellite Internet of Things data services. The integrated information service capabilities of the world and the earth are initially formed to provide satellite data services for global Internet of Things users. Realize the “air, space, earth and sea integration” satellite IoT ecosystem.

Naija Tech News understands that the satellite IoT constellation communication has the characteristics of global coverage, real-time communication and low power consumption, which can effectively supplement the coverage blind area of ​​ground communication network, comprehensively solve the data transmission problem of sea, air and land network blind area, and can be widely used In the fields of emergency communication and rescue, environmental protection monitoring, weather monitoring, smart cities, hazardous chemical transportation, aircraft tracking and monitoring, earthquake monitoring and forecasting, smart ocean, oil and gas pipeline network, smart agriculture, power pipeline network monitoring, and wildlife protection, etc., Serving aviation, maritime, forestry, earthquake, water conservancy, environmental protection, meteorology, marine and other industry sectors, as well as the defense army and other fields.

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