Colorful iGame Sigma M500 is launched on JD: 10th generation i7+RTX 3080

Not long ago, NVIDIA officially released the RTX 30 series of graphics cards. The new NVIDIA Ampere architecture has been rapidly improved in terms of manufacturing process and performance, and the price is also quite strong, which has also caused in the circle. A lot of discussion. Today, Colorful’s new iGame series-iGame Sigma M500 is also on the shelves for the first time with RTX 30 series graphics cards. Let’s take a look.

In appearance, the iGame Sigma M500 gaming desktop adopts a standard tower design, 463mm high, 465mm long, 223mm at the widest part at the bottom, and only 127mm at the narrowest part at the top. It adopts a 6-sided full-enclosed design, which is very technological.

The overall appearance of iGame Sigma M500 is simple, stable and full of aura. The color of the whole machine is mainly cool. The overall gray is adjusted in a variety of tones, which is full of metal. The shape of the side panel is not flat, but the shape is slightly raised. More fuller, so that in different angles, silver gray presents different gradual effects.

Among the only two ambient lights, the iGame Sigma M500 gaming desktop does not pursue the widely used RGB scheme in the market. Accordingly, a single 25 LED lamp bead is used to create a black gradient light strip that changes from red to black, further simplifying And the cruel effect deepens.

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In terms of other features, the bottom of the machine is equipped with a newly designed “iGame projection” to create a sense of the future. The front panel is also embedded with easter eggs. 6 magnetic embedding points are pre-embedded at the factory, and the front panel can be replaced at any time. Players who know how to DIY can play as much as they want.


In terms of configuration, the iGame Sigma M500 game console uses Intel’s tenth-generation Core i7-10700, supplemented with 32GB DDR4 (16GB*2) memory, 500GB NVME SSD+1TB HDD storage. The graphics card uses NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB , equipped with 650W 80PLUS gold power supply.

Naijatechnews is informed that the initial price of the machine is 12,999 yuan, and it currently supports 12 JD interest-free periods. The whole machine enjoys a free three-year on-site repair and a three-year warranty for key components.

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