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Combat Magic Spells and Swords


Wise magicians, mighty warriors, and clever rogues of the kingdom! Take part in a grand tournament! Prove your wisdom and courage, and fight for the title of Champion!
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May 13, 2021
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Combat Magic Spells and Swords

Combat Magic Spells and Swords MOD (Money)

Combat Magic Spells and Swords are a highly bright flash-based game where players are on-site to participate in a tournament among dangerous, magical inhabitants of the virtual world. The organizers of this game are to find a worthy champion among many of their rivals. The players are to survive long enough to become the most skillful and valuable warriors. The game features many different classes, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses.


Mages are perhaps the most valued and widely used warriors, able to create walls of ice that can withstand enemy strikes and slow their opponents down. Mages can also cast powerful telepathic waves that can cause confusion and stun or drain the powers of their enemies. These spells are mainly used to disrupt the progress of their foes. Mages can even temporarily remove the effects of debilitating status afflictions like paralysis. They can also dominate other fighters with sheer mental power.


Ritualists are masters of illusion and other psychological tricks that can cause the opponents to turn their attention to other areas, allowing them to slip past or surprise them. They often have some followers, each with its specific skillset and weapon. Ritualists are excellent at healing themselves and others. They are, however, vulnerable to attack. When a ritualist falls to another player’s attack, they will quickly lose all of their prepared magic forage. This forces them to either use their wits or pray to a higher power for help.

As their name suggests, Rogues are strange and half-hearted martial artists who excel at combat but terrible at healing themselves and others. The rogue is as unpredictable as the fight itself. Rogues can be tricky and sneaky, using their great stealth and quick attacks to make them extremely dangerous opponents. Rogues are excellent hunters, too. They can often ambush their enemies while they are distracted. Hunters can also temporarily disable their quarry to make it easier to kill.

A powerful combat magic spells

Clerics can be considered the “all-arounders” of this genre. Cast powerful combat magic spells that can take down more significant enemies and be equally effective against single opponents. Clerics can summon other creatures to their side as well. When a single enemy is defeated, all of the other fighters on the battlefield might receive a bonus boon. Certain clerical classes can summon powerful celestial creatures to fight alongside them.

Necromancers are masters of death and the undead. They can summon mighty undead warriors to do their bidding and can even raise the dead to fight on their behalf. Unlike most other forms of combat magic, necromancers can summon powerful creatures that do more than merely attack. They can raise the dead to do their bidding, for example.

Features of Combat Magic Spells and Swords Mod Apk game

  • This is a 3d third-person shooter – slasher game with RPG elements and a diverse and complex combat system. With a wide range of customization options, you can create the perfect character for your playstyle.
  • Choose from a variety of classes, each with 10+ unique abilities.
  • There are hundreds of weapons and armor pieces available. Plenty of melee and ranged weapons are waiting for you in the armory, such as axes, swords, bows, and many more.
  • Customize the look of your character – choose colors, hairstyles, and more.
  • Play online or offline with bots on different maps. You can choose from several PVE and PVP game modes.

Damage, stun, and silence to opponents

When dealing with a group of opponents, a crusher is indispensable. They can quickly damage, stun, and silence opponents of different levels. A crusher’s most crucial ability, however, is its ability to drain power from foes. Crushers can drain opponents of energy through spells or attacks. While this can be unpleasant, the ability to drain life from foes is essential to surviving combat. If a crusher gets to the point where it is nearing defeat, it can withdraw and wait for its powers to regain.

Combat magic can be used to significant effect in the Age of Conan. This type of magic is so powerful that even the gods themselves are unable to control it. Only the barbarian class, which has been granted the ability to use these powerful skills by winning battles within the game itself, can defeat such powerful beings. Other classes can learn the use of combat magic but at a very high cost.

What's new

- New map - Village
- Bugs fixed



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