Coronavirus current statistics(Death and confirmed cases)

The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing viral epidemic primarily affecting Mainland China, along with isolated cases in 27 other countries and territories. In early December 2019 a new coronavirus, designated 2019, was identified in Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei province, after 41 people developed pneumonia without a clear cause. The virus is capable of spreading from person to person. The incubation period of the virus (time from exposure to onset of symptoms) ranges from 2 to 14 days, but it may be contagious during this period and after recovery. Symptoms include fever, coughing and breathing difficulties, and the virus can be fatal.

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Coronavirus was recently declared as a global health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO). As of 5 February 2020, 493 deaths and 24,588 cases have been confirmed, including in every province-level division of China.

Following the online platform to track coronavirus, the virus has claimed 565 lives till now, and around 28,296 people are affected.

Several experts have questioned the statistics of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak. Amidst all this, Tencent has accidentally leaked the original statistics related to the deaths claimed by coronavirus outbreak. The leaked details show that the real number of death is around 5 to 6 times the number of deaths shown in the stats shared by the Chinese government.

According to Epidemic Situation Tracker, it showed that around 154,023 confirmed cases of coronavirus, which is approximately 10 times the original figure shared by China. The number of deaths has been mentioned in the data is 24,589, which is a huge number.

After noticing the mistake, Tencent immediately changed the number as provided by the government. The masses have seen this for the third time that Tencent has altered the number of confirmed cases and deaths to make it match with the official data provided by the Chinese government.

People also witnessed that the screen with a more significant number shows a comparison with the real data whenever it appears. Due to this, speculations have been increased that Tencent consists of two sets of data, out of which one is original, and the other is provided by the government. The discrepancy in the data points that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is hiding the real number by underreporting them.

A majority of people who witnessed the real numbers before they were removed are coming to the conclusion that someone is doing it deliberately to make the world know the real number of cases and deaths due to Coronavirus.

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As reported by the Taiwan News, the real number of cases of Coronavirus shared by the government cannot be accurate as a lot of people affected by the virus have died before even reaching the hospital.

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