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Dino Hunter MOD (Money/Gold/Stone/Energy)

If you are looking for a new platformer or a physics-based shooting, you will want to check out Dino Hunter for the Android, iPhone, PC & Nintendo Wii. Playing as the young son of an exterminator, you trek into prehistoric land on a mission to save your family. You will find yourself shooting everything that comes your way in this fantastic adventure. The controls for this game are smooth and straightforward, making them easy to pick up and play.

The enemies also blend in well with the environment, so you aren’t forced to shoot at everything that comes your way. You will run into some pretty big guys that are a lot more resemble pre-historic creatures than modern-day creatures.


If you love adventure games and would like to play a game for yourself, please note that this article will give you an exciting game. Dino Hunter: Deadly Beach will open you up to new adventures with giant dinosaurs that will be interesting. With attractive sunshine features and a challenging wilderness, this version promises what you should try to play. Dino Hunter is an adventure game with incredible new adventures, and it’s happening in this game. In this 3D world, players will face real dinosaurs.

Once in the game, players will travel to a mysterious, uncharted Jurassic island and kill some of the most ferocious beasts in history. From obedient stegosaurus to the terrifying T. rex, animals from the Jurassic period competed long ago. This place will be wild with nets and dangers, so you need to be careful about your surroundings. Remember, hunt or be hunted! However, playing the game is free, but you can choose to pay real money for the extra items you will receive. Your Google Account can disable app purchases by adjusting your device settings.


Dive into the wild and hunt for the most exciting creature in history. You can only trust yourself because no one else is fighting alongside you. But don’t worry, Dino Hunter gives you a detailed overview of the game. You will also learn about the key points to look for when shooting a dinosaur. Whether it’s a ground-based velocity receptor or an airborne Pterodactylus, hit your bullet and shoot it. An entire army of animals is waiting for you.

In addition, you will be able to visit various locations in the Jura Dorgo and kill dinosaurs in lush and dangerous Jurassic environments such as shipwrecks, lush forests, and dinosaur vineyards. Dino Hunter requires different weapons in different areas. When he first starts playing, he will be armed with a rifle. Because the rifle can only load one bullet at a time, you will need to shoot it correctly or waste time reloading the gun when an angry dinosaur is approaching you.

Features of Dino Hunter Mod Apk game

  • HUNT DINOSAURS – Journey to a hidden, untouched Jurassic island and kill the most ferocious animals in history. Encounter Jurassic beasts long thought extinct, from the docile stegosaurus to the terrifying T. rex.
  • VISIT EXOTIC Jurassic LOCATIONS – Kill dinosaurs in lush and dangerous Jurassic environments like the shipwreck-strewn coast, overgrown jungle, and dinosaur boneyard!
  • EQUIP POWERFUL WEAPONS – Load up on firepower with destructive weapons like the rocket launcher and shuriken crossbow. You’ll need a powerful arsenal and an expert shooter strategy to kill these dinosaurs!
  • MASTER A UNIQUE SHOOTER CHALLENGE SERIES – Progress through varied shooter series to win rifles, shotguns, and assault rifles. Make your kills and complete them all for even greater rewards!
  • EXPERIENCE AMAZING GRAPHICS – Dynamic shadows, hi-res textures, and realistic Jurassic models all combine to make this one of the most beautiful dinosaur shooter games on your mobile device!

Graphics & Sound

Dino Hunter with a beautiful 3D graphical interface and attend every session. Since Dino Hunter is a first-person shooter, you will take on the role of a new dinosaur hunter and remove specific dinosaurs in this field. The sounds are so natural, with every dinosaur roaring. Criticizing your rifle, you wander around the base in search of your target. Realistic high-resolution graphics in the game will make you feel like you are in a Jurassic environment. You can’t help the adrenaline rush when you see dinosaurs running.

All the high-resolution textures and realistic Jura patterns come together to make this game an excellent mobile game. A game with adventures will be a game for you. So, if you are excited about the experiences, download your favorite shooter to play on your phone and wake it up.

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