Doubled, Samsung plans to produce 700-800,000 Galaxy Z Fold 2 folding screen phones this year

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At present, although there are not many options for folding screen smartphones, competition in this field is becoming increasingly fierce. As a leader, Samsung is still confident in maintaining its leading position in this field. Therefore, its next move is to double the production of Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The company produced about 400,000 Galaxy Fold folding screen phones last year, and their current goal is to produce 700,000 to 800,000 Galaxy Z Fold 2 phones .

According to a newly released report, Samsung believes that after doubling the output of folding screen mobile phones, it is enough to allow them to maintain their leading position in folding screen smartphones.

According to industry observers, global sales of folding screen smartphones will double in the near future. It is expected to increase from 4.5 million units this year to 8 million units in 2021. Samsung, LG and Manufacturers such as Motorola have already begun to double the production of folding screen smartphones. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether the market will respond, especially considering everything that has happened this year has brought high uncertainty to the folding screen mobile phone market.

In any case, Samsung will become more active in the foldable smartphone market in the next 15 months . For now, Samsung’s biggest competitor in terms of product sophistication is Microsoft. Microsoft’s recently launched Surface Duo is not even a “real” foldable product with a bendable screen, but a product that uses a hinge to connect two independent displays. However, the release of Surface Duo has been delayed for a few months. Due to the new crown epidemic, it may not be listed outside the United States until early 2021.

In addition to Microsoft, Huawei still strives to maintain investment in this field, but due to US sanctions, their research and development has stalled. Therefore, Samsung is full of confidence in the folding screen mobile phone market. The newly released Galaxy Z Fold 2 has also solved many problems and is well received. The industry is looking forward to their performance in 2021.

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