Download Whatsapp Sniffer Apk For Android & IOS

The sniffer app allows you to receive messages, audio, files and videos from smartphones that share the same WiFi connection with you. It won’t work if both phones are connected to a separate WiFi connection. Also, the two phones must be nearby. You’ll be able to see the incoming/outgoing messages, status, videos, and photos of the person’s account. WhatsApp Sniffer has a free version and a paid version. The features on the free version are limited which is to be expected.

Features of WhatsApp Sniffer

For the free version;

  • It provides you with notifications when you receive a message.
  • The messages are grouped according to the phone numbers, so it doesn’t look clustered.
  • WhatsApp Sniffer also checks if the number is hacked or not when you’re hacking some new numbers.

For the paid version;

  • You’ll be able to read the full conversation on the paid version. The free version sometimes does not allow you to access the full conversation.
  • Ads can be annoying, which is why it is not available here. For the free version, pop-up ads appear here and there.

How to Use WhatsApp Sniffer on Android Device

For unrooted Android device;

  • Go to your app store and download the Whatsapp Xtract tool. It is a fast tool, used for the unrooted device.
  • Now get a Whatsapp folder and collect all the messages from your person’s device. Then send it to your device via Bluetooth, you can also use any other transferring application you know of. Store the file in File Manager >> Internal storage >> Whatsapp.
  • Copy all the files to the same place where you have extracted Whatsapp Xtract.
  • Start the extracting process. Run the pyCrypto.bat file which is available in the extracted zip file as the administrator. Then run whatsapp_xtract_anroid.bat or whatsapp_xtract_anroid_crypted.bat again from the extracted folder of Whatsapp tool.
  • Now get your sniffed files. Once done, you’ll get all the messages from the person’s WhatsApp in form of a folder.

For rooted Android device;

If your android phone is rooted, download the latest version of WhatsApp Sniffer via any of the following links below.

Download from one drive here

Download from Zippyshare here

After downloading the file, you’ll need to install it manually from your file manager or the download page of the browser you used to download it.

How to Use WhatsApp Sniffer for iPhone

Due to the high-level security of iPhones, it has a different procedure. Follow the steps below to use WhatsApp Sniffer on your iPhone;

• Get a software called “iPhone Backup Extractor”.

• With this software, created a file called filename.whatsapp.whatsapp/Documents/Chatstorage.sqlite

• Create an unencrypted backup with your iTunes software.

• You should be able to read messages once you’re done.

This is all the information you need regarding Whatsapp Sniffer APK download for Android and IOS. Make sure the victim does not find out you’re sniffing through their private messages. If you have further question, leave them in the comment section below.

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