Easy Way to Use Night Shift to Reduce Blue Light on iPhone

Follow this simple guide to reduce the blue light coming from your iPhone at different times of the day, or through the night.

Most electronic devices emit blue light and your iPhone is no exception. While blue light is hard to avoid, getting too much of it before going to bed can cause sleeplessness. This is why many people are looking for ways to reduce blue light on their iPhone, which Apple made easy to do with the Night Shift feature.

If you’re looking to reduce blue light on your iPhone, this quick tutorial will show you how.

Step 1. Go to Your Display & Brightness Settings

Unlike Android devices, you don’t need an app to reduce blue light across your iPhone. Instead, iPhones come with a blue light filter preinstalled called Night Shift. Just go to Settings > Display & Brightness on your iPhone to find it.

Step 2. Select the Night Shift Feature and Schedule

night shift iphone

Once in the Display & Brightness settings, tap on the Night Shift feature and select your schedule. Most people have it set from early evening until late in the morning, so your iPhone reduces blue light all night.

While there is no option to permanently enable the Night Shift feature, you can schedule it to be on all the time. To do this, set the schedule to something like 4:01AM to 4:00AM.

Keep in mind there will be one minute where it doesn’t activate, so be sure to set it during a time where you will be sleeping. Whatever time you set, make sure that the later time is first.

You can also manually enable the night shift feature for an entire day to test it out.

Step 3. Enable the Sunset to Sunrise Feature in Location Settings

Some people let their iPhone choose when to activate Night Shift using the Sunset to Sunrise setting. If you choose this, your iPhone will automatically adjust the blue light to match the sun, no matter what time zone you’re in.

To enable this feature, tap on Sunset to Sunrise from the Night Shift schedule options.

sunset to sunrise

If you don’t see this setting, you will need to enable this feature in Location Settings first. To do this, go back to Settings and tap Privacy and then Location Settings. Scroll down and select System Services and make sure Setting Time Zone is selected. Then, head back to Night Shift and it will be there.

Reduce Your Blue Light Intake With Night Shift

Reducing the blue light coming from your iPhone can be an important step to improving your sleep. It also has other benefits like reduced headaches for those who suffer from them. Enabling this setting on your iPhone is an easy way to reduce your blue light exposure, especially if you use your phone late at night.

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