Eternal Return: Turn-Based RPG


Eternal Return: Turn-Based RPG (MOD, Unlimited Money/Kami/Crystals)

Monster-catching games are seen as novel opportunities or experiences for players to access new creations or new types of monsters in various universes. One of them is Eternal Return, with wars or stories revolving around monsters called Kami. Not only that but its world is perfectly designed and has depth, a perfect combination of sci-fi and fantasy to create a new style for players to explore.


Eternal Return uses a familiar turn-based style to develop the entire combat system. Still, it adds many functions and elements to make it even more potential and versatile in many ways. Players must now combine their abilities with Kami to win every battle or use the power of unique items to progress faster. In addition, many exceptional cases will continuously appear worldwide, creating motivation for players to explore, enjoy, and conquer everything or recruit new friends and Kami for their squad. The depth of gameplay also depends on many factors on the battlefield, but the most impressive thing is a Kami development system that few games apply.


The monsters in the game are all called Kami and have impressive and supernatural powers, even having various natural elements that make them strong or weak when facing several enemies. On top of that, Kami all have endless potential thanks to the development system, and players can upgrade or evolve some Kami to new heights when they meet the conditions allowed by the game. The evolution system will cause each Kami to change its shape or basic parameters, thereby giving them more new skills to use in battle or collecting the types of Kami found in the environment. The unexpected development of the Kami or the player can lead to many different outcomes, giving them more options to develop their respective strategies.


Although Eternal Return focuses on singleplayer, it still has many activities or outstanding events for players to show off their abilities in many glorious battles. Many activities will also feature rare or important evolutionary rewards for the Kami, even allowing players to fight each other via the online system. On top of that, most of the events take place around the continent, and players can meet legendary Kami with great combat performance along with powerful natural elements. The player’s development is entirely dependent on their ability to control the Kami, thereby unlocking new potentials and exploring a vast world.


Eternal Return possesses vivid and eye-catching 3D graphics, even designing impressive Kami and revealing absolute power compared to other games of the same genre. Above all, the visual effects from the battles are the most prominent, creating the fierceness or excitement that comes from the fights of the powerful Kami. Not only that, but the plot of the game also blends with cutscenes so that players can easily absorb the stories or interact with the characters in a lively way.

Eternal Return is a monster-catching game full of potential and depth gameplay or systems for players to research. However, Kami’s cuteness or strength is the most prominent feature for players to collect and interact with them throughout the gameplay continuously.

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