FactCheck: Elon Musk Building a Robotic Wives

Elon Musk set launch Date for Robot Wife, target Africa markets

Robots and Relationship, Elon Musk and robotic threesome.


No. Elon Musk is not building robotic wives.

These are AI generated images and I first shared them on twitter just for fun.

But let’s face it, if you don’t want a woman who will turn you to #Hakimi

If you want a husband or wife you can easily control.

If you want a relationship that won’t stress you.

I think you should get yourself a robotic wife or husband.

The only problem is when AI takes over and robots become sentient, you will lose 100% instead of 50%.

But for now, stop spreading #fakenews about this fake image.

Elon Musk is going through a tough time in his life. His children are disowning him. His father is betraying him. His only comfort is his women. And the last thing on his mind is building a robotic wife for himself – he likes real women and has a couple of them.


Somehow, he has also mastered the art of dating women who give him money – Elon doesn’t give women money. He cries he is broke always. And yes, any millionaire woman of substance would prefer a broke Elon Musk to a cash throwing show off who has built nothing.

Women actually don’t want cash – read this again. They want structure and security. If you build structure and bring security, they will bring their own cash to the table. You see your current girlfriend eh, she get money. Your pride, show off and lack of a plan for the future are the reasons she’s taking from you and giving to someone else.

But No, Elon Musk is not building a robotic wife – it’s fake news. You are stuck with real humans for now.

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