Fantasy Legion – Army Battler APK MOD Download(Allways Win) v1.71

Fantasy Legion – Army Battler APK MOD Download(Allways Win) v1.71

Fantasy Legion – Army Battler APK MOD Download(Allways Win) v1.71

A fantasy puzzle strategy game with a mass battler battle arena theme where players seek glories and riches fighting against other armies.

*Language Supported: English, Vietnamese, more language coming soon.

Choose and deploy your units wisely. The slightest change can have a huge impact to the outcome of the battle.

Will you choose speed or sheer power? Range or melee? It is all up to you and watch the battle as it unfolds!

Be the world famous tactician and conquer the leaderboard!

Fantasy Legion – Army Battler APK MOD Download(Allways Win) v1.71

Game Features:
A Battle Arena game with Adventures, Eternal Glory and Last Stand modes.

Learn your way and embark on a single player journey in Adventure mode. 100+ levels of strategy puzzle to collect riches to upgrade and level up your units. Test your prowess as the ultimate tactician.

Challenge yourself against other players and reach higher rank in Eternal Glory to claim valuable rewards. Will you be able to dominate the leaderboard?

Solve a fantasy strategy puzzle. The ultimate test of your tactical and strategical knowledge. Survive waves of enemies where casualties cannot be re-deployed on the next battle wave. How far can you go?

Collect more than 40 units including ogre, skeletons, heroes and many more. Level them up and enhance them to 5 stars to unlock their ultimate ability!

Each unit is upgradable and most have unique skills that will make each battle unique. Master them and you will boss the leaderboard!

Cast spells in a battle to suits your strategy. Cast them wisely and you will turn the tide of the battle into your favor instantly.

Different week will have different mini rules, setting and events… more to come in the future

It’s time to start your journey in Fantasy Legion and watch your troops duke it out in a strategy army battle arena!

Fantasy Legion – Army Battler APK MOD Download(Allways Win) v1.71

– Unlock event

MOD info:

    • Allways Win

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

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