Filmywap Movies (2023): Download all latest Hindi, Punjabi, Bollywood Movies


You can now download all new Filmywap movies in HD free | How To Download Full Bollywood movies in HD, MP4, & 3GP Standard Video Free. Downloading free latest Hindi, Bollywood movies download, new Hollywood movies 2021, and TV serial online from are shown straightforwardly. Filmywap is one of the best movie sites where you can get unlimited latest movies in HD Free. Here you will get a full top HD movies list.

Filmywap Movies (2023): Download all latest Hindi, Punjabi, Bollywood Movies

You are going to Download Filmywap Bollywood Movies in HD, MP4, and 3GP for free. In our previous Filmywap Bollywood Movies article, few users commented that they can still not download media files from the Filmywap website. Their comments saying; they need a deep explained guide on downloading Bollywood Movies from Filmywap. And that’s what I’m going to guide you on today. After the end of this post, you will easily download any Bollywood Movie from the Filmywap website.

I’m going to provide you with every possible tip that will help you download Movies in HD, MP4, and 3GP from Filmywap. Let’s start this article and let me first explain everything to you.

What is Filmywap?

Filmywap Movies (2023): Download all latest Hindi, Punjabi, Bollywood Movies

The Filmywap is a popular word and name of Websites that serve latest to old Bollywood Movies, Videos Song in many different formats like 3GP, MP4, and HD. The original Filmywap website was launched in 2009, and in a very few months, it becomes the most popular Movies downloading site in India. And whenever any new Bollywood movie releases, people in India rushes on the Filmywap website. But as according to law, the Filmywap website was providing p1rated movies. The website uploads the p1rated versions of Bollywood, Hollywood, Pollywood, and movies from other industries.

It let users download Bollywood movies for free, which basically has a price to pay for a ticket to watch publicly. As Filmywap was providing pirated movies, Google recognized it and Nonindexed the website from their search result, or you can say they penalized the website. And forcefully from the film industry, Filmywap was got erased after 3 years of its release. But the story not ended here.


Still today, there are plenty of versions of the Filmywap website available on Google like Filmywap, Filmywapofficial, etc. Filmywap is a real website that are providing Bollywood movies for free. This means that you won’t have to pay for the subscription before accessing Movies, Music Videos, Funny Videos on the site. However, you may be charged by your network providers. You can easily download any Bollywood movie that has been released from Filmywap. Now, let me give you some more data Filmywap Movie downloading website.

Which Type of Movies Filmywap Provides?

Filmywap covers a huge category of movies like Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies Dubbed, Tamil Movies, South Indian Movies, Punjabi Movies, and many more. They have categorized movies in sections so users will be able to find and download movies easily. Whether you love South Indian or Punjabi movies, you can get all that on Filmywap for free.

Filmywap Movies (2023): Download all latest Hindi, Punjabi, Bollywood Movies

Moreover, all these movies are available in different formats; you can download any format suitable for you. If you are using a Keypad phone in which you can’t play HD or MP4 movies, you can download the 3GP version and watch. Also, movies on the Filmywap world are well optimized; You will find most movie files under 800Mb with HD and MP4 quality. Meaning, you will be able to enjoy movies in HD with low Internet data-consuming, which will also save you money.

Features of Filmywap

Filmywap is a very normal structured website with minimal elements. It doesn’t have anything unnecessary on the website; even it doesn’t have any graphics element. But there are few features that you should know to navigate the website efficiently. So, here are a few useful features of the Filmywap Website:

1. Movies Search Bar

Perhaps, it is the most useful feature of Filmywap. It lets users find movies available on the website easily. Suppose you want to download an Old Bollywood movie from the (Filmywap), but you don’t have a whole day to open every page of the website to find your movie. In this case, you can directly type the movie name and search to know your movie is available or Not. And this way, you can find and download movies on Filmywap.

2. Top Movies Latest Updates Section

Another handy feature that can help you know what’s new and recently added in Filmywap. Top Movies Latest updates section shows the latest movie that has been added in various categories. Under this section, you will find data like the New Movie name, its category, and available file formats to download. You can also directly click on the file format to start downloading a particular movie.

3. Watch Full Movie Online Before Downloading

Filmywap has just added a new feature to its website and its Watch movies online. Now, you can watch movies online before downloading them from the website. And trust me or not, but it is a necessary feature that I think all the movies websites should have. Using this feature, you will be able to know the movie story and decide to download it or not. Sometimes, we download a movie and play and realize that the full movie is crap and has no strong story. And we also lose our expensive 4G Data. But not anymore!

To watch movies online before downloading them, you can go to the Filmywap>select movie>scroll down to Watch Full movie here section>Under it, click on any link to watch movie online. That’s it.

4. Top HD Movies Download Section

Don’t know what’s Hot in Bollywood, South Indian, Tamil, Malayalam, and Cartoon? Well, you can know using the Top HD Movies Download Section. Under this section, you will find links to Top HD Movies of a Particular movie industry. And when you click on it, you will be able to explore all the popular movies categorized by years.


Suppose you want to download a Popular movie that was released in the year 2017. To find it, Visit the Filmywap>Scroll down to Top HD Movies Download Section>click on Movie category>Select movie year>and now you will see all the Top HD Movies>locate the movie from the page>Watch and Download it if you want.

So, as of now, I have shared with you pretty much about the Filmywap website. Now, let me teach you step-by-step how you can download Movies from the Filmywap.

Download Filmywap Bollywood Movies

Filmywap Movies (2023): Download all latest Hindi, Punjabi, Bollywood Movies

To be able to download movies from the Filmywap website, you need to follow me carefully. Before I provide you steps, you need to have some requirements.


  • A Computer or Mobile (I recommend using a Computer).
  • Internet Access with at least 200Kbps (Or at least a stable Internet connection).
  • Google Chrome Browser (Updated Version).

Once you have these three requirements, you can step up to the procedure. I highly recommend using Google Chrome for downloading purposes. Whether you are using Android or Computer, make sure to follow my steps in the Google Chrome Browser.

Step-by-step Process to Download Movies from Filmywap

  1. First, open Google Chrome Browser on your device (Computer or Android).
  2. Type ( in the address bar and hit enter to visit the Filmywap Website.
  3. Now, use two sections (Top HD Movies, Latest Updates Movies) to find a movie you want to Download. OR search the movie you want to download using the search bar.
  4. Locate and click on a movie to go to the download page.
  5. Scroll down to the Full Download Movie section, and there you will find three links. Using any of those links, you can download a movie.
  6. Just tap on the first download link, and you will enter a captcha page.
  7. Checkmark the box and verify that you are not a robot and then click on get the link.
  8. You are on the Download page; tap on the download button to start downloading your movie.
  9. Done.

Once Google Chrome catches the movie file, accept it and wait for it to get downloaded. So, that’s how you can download Bollywood Movies from the Filmywap website. Now, let me show you some latest Bollywood Movies that you can download from Filmywap.

Top Filmywap Latest Bollywood 2021 Movies List

Here is the top Bollywood Movies list of 2021 that available on Filmywap to download:

  1. SonChiriya 2019  
  2. Gully Boy HD
  3. Notebook
  4. Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gai
  5. Mark Ko Dard Nhi Hota
  6. Romeo Akbar Walter
  7. Milan Talkies
  8. Pinky Memsaab
  9. 706
  10. 15 August
  11. Junglee
  12. 2.0 HD
  13. Kaabil HD
  14. Kesari
  15. Mere Pyare Prime Minister
  16. Total Dhamaal
  17. Photograph
  18. Dolly Ki Doli
  19. Badla
  20. Metro park
  21. Team 5
  22. Kuch Pal Pyar Ke
  23. Luka Chuppi
  24. Hum Chaar
  25. Ek Ladki to Deka to Aisa Laga

So, these are the Top 25 Filmywap Bollywood Movies of 2021. Just tap on any of them to visit the download page.

How to Download Movies Fast from Filmywap in 2021?

Filmywap Movies (2023): Download all latest Hindi, Punjabi, Bollywood Movies

Movie downloading speed totally depends on your Internet connection and the file server speed. And in most cases, you can’t speed up the File transfer rate even if you have the best Internet connection. But there is an Internet Download Manager software that can accelerate file downloading on Computer. For now, you can use its free trial version. So, here are the steps to download movies fast from Filmywap in 2019:

  1. First, download and install IDM on your computer from its official website.
  2. Open the Google Chrome Browser and let it Opt the new IDM software. You need to restart Google Chrome to apply the IDM completely.
  3. Now, go to the Filmywap website and follow my above Movies downloading steps to download any movie from the website.
  4. The file will download in IDM software which will accelerate the downloading speed.
  5. Done.

That’s how you can speed up the movie downloading process on your computer. You can also use some other Download Manager software if you know for Computer/Android.


Filmywap is a great Bollywood movie downloading website that provides the latest to old movies for free. It has a huge collection of different movies, including Bollywood Hindi Movies, Tamil Movies, South Indian Movies, Punjabi Movies, Cartoon Movies, and Whatnot. If you’re facing difficulty downloading movies from the website, you can follow my movie downloading guides from above.

Hopefully, you liked this article on Filmywap? If so, I want you to share this article with those who are die-hard fans of Bollywood movies. I’ll see you in the next similar one.

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