“Fortnite” developer Epic CEO: fighting Apple is for basic freedom


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Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) yesterday talked about his views on the company’s lawsuit against Apple on his personal Twitter account. The cause of the incident was that Apple removed a game developed by Epic Games “Fortnite” from the App Store. 

Sweeney said the lawsuit has nothing to do with money. More importantly, Epic’s struggle is to fight for “basic freedom for all consumers and developers.”

“At the most basic level, we are striving for the freedom to choose the source to install applications for users who have purchased smartphones, the freedom to publish applications for developers, and the freedom to directly interact and conduct business for users and developers.” Nee wrote on Twitter, “The main negative argument is:’Smartphone manufacturers can do whatever they want.’ This is a terrible point. We all have rights, and we need to defend our rights and fight against anyone who denies them. . Even if it means going against a beloved company like Apple.”

Yesterday, Epic carefully planned a public speech to emphasize the alleged monopoly of Apple. Epic questioned Apple’s operation of the app store, and disagreed with the rules prohibiting developers from using third-party payment systems (doing so can avoid the app store from charging 30% of the share) and prohibiting developers from directly releasing software to consumers.

When Epic deployed its own payment system in the iOS and Android versions of Fortnite, friction arose. After Apple (and then Google) removed the app for violating developer rules , Epic launched a massive social media campaign under the topic of #FreeFronite and filed a 62-page lawsuit. Apple, and released a video on YouTube and the “Fortnite” game, imitating Apple’s famous “1984” Macintosh ad.

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