“Fortress Night” failed to return to the Apple App Store Saga, the judge rejected Epic’s request for injunction

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According to reports, Epic Games once again failed to allow Apple to relist the “Fortnite” game in the App Store. The game development company is currently in court with Apple, which claims that Apple has a monopoly.

Last Friday, a federal judge from Oakland, California dismissed Epic’s preliminary request for an injunction, which required Apple to relist the “Fortnite” game in the App Store. In August of this year, Apple removed “Fortnite” from the App Store for violating its policy, because Epic set a direct payment option in the game, thus bypassing Apple’s payment system.

Epic believes that Apple’s payment methods are suspected of illegal monopoly, and Apple prohibits developers from providing iPhone and iPad applications to users through its own website. Apple only allows users to download apps and complete payments through its App Store. After consumers purchase an app or service, Apple will take a 30% commission from it. The Epic and Apple lawsuit will be heard next year.

To Epic’s comfort, the judge upheld a previous ruling that Apple cannot remove Epic’s Unreal Engine from its developer tools, because this software for third-party developers is not an anti Part of the monopoly struggle .

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Unreal Engine is a software suite used by developers to develop 3D games and other products. Epic said that cutting off their ties with iOS and Mac developers means that the company will not be able to provide Unreal Engine to other third-party developers. Xbox manufacturer Microsoft also uses Unreal Engine when developing console, PC and mobile games. Microsoft provided support to Epic in court.

Earlier, Apple said that Epic CEO Tim Sweeney tried to establish an exclusive store for the “Fortnite” game. In Apple’s view, this move will fundamentally disrupt the way the App Store operates. . Sweeney said that he is not seeking special treatment, but hopes that Apple will give all developers the same choice.

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