Galaxy S23 Ultra Will Offer Unparalleled Night Photography


Night-mode photography redefined!

We are pretty close to the launch of the Galaxy S23 series. And as we are getting close to the launch, more details about the phones are popping up. This time, we have a leak regarding the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

IceUniverse, one of the renowned tipsters, has disclosed that the still photos that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will capture in the Night Mode will make you feel like the phone has “Night Vision.” In other words, the S23 Ultra’s camera and computational photography will take extremely bright low-light photographs.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Might Be the New Low-Light King

We do not have much solid official info about the Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, from the recent leaks and TENNA specifications, we came to know that the phone will come with a 200MP camera.

To give you a perspective, the Galaxy S22 Ultra had a 108MP camera last year. And compared to that, 200MP of the S23 Ultra is a massive jump.

That said, it’s not like the Galaxy S22 Ultra did not offer good low-light performance. It did! However, recently launched devices, such as the Vivo X90 Pro+, gave Samsung a tough fight. The X90 Pro+ came with an 1-inch sensor, which probably allowed it to make a significant leap.

In fact, most of the reviewers believe that the Vivo X90 Pro+ offers significantly better night photos compared to the current flagship of Samsung. And that is a massive blow to the face of Samsung.

Well, the upgraded version of the ISOCELL HP1 in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is probably what Samsung has been holding back on. And when Samsung brings it out, it will gain back its crown in the photography world.



Let’s not forget to mention that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is also tipped to come with a 10MP telephoto camera that will offer 10x optical zoom and another 10MP telephoto camera for 3x optical zoom. Combined, the S23 Ultra could definitely be a new camera king.