“Gears of War 5” official push: input delay can be reduced by up to 57% on Microsoft Xbox Series X


The official Twitter of the game “” announced today that the input delay of the game running on ’s next-generation console can be reduced by up to 57% .

It is reported that the test was conducted on an LG OLED TV. When the game was run at 60 FPS, the input delay of the multiplayer mode of Gears of War decreased from 86 milliseconds (Xbox One X) to 55 milliseconds (Xbox Series X); When running the game at 120 FPS, the input delay dropped to 37 milliseconds, a 57% reduction.

Although the improvement in data is almost inevitable on next-generation consoles, the “Gears of War 5” developer The Coalition is still excited to share this information, which means that this game, which is not focused on ultra-precision shooting, is now experiencing It is comparable to those sensitive fighting .


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