Get started with Microsoft Xbox Series X controller and 1TB expansion card

Here is the controll and the optional 1TB expansion card, and now the foreign media, The Verge has got these two accessories.


At first glance, the Xbox Series X controllers are no different from the controllers on Xbox One, but there are some key differences. The size and shape of the new handle have been slightly changed to make it smaller overall. D-pad has also been redesigned, from a typical cross shape to a circular style very similar to the Elite handle .

In addition, the handle is more textured, but the more important thing is the newly added USB-C interface and a new share button . Microsoft insisted on the AA battery design on this new handle, which means that if you really want to use USB-C, you need to purchase a separate charging kit ($24.99).

The share button will simplify the experience of uploading screenshots and video clips. This button allows users to share screenshots and videos directly from Xbox Series X or from the Xbox mobile app.

As for the 1TB expansion card provided by Xbox Series X, it will be produced by Seagate. Simply insert it into the back of Xbox Series X, not all of it, so the top part will be a little protruding.

Naija Tech News understands that 1TB expansion cards are larger than SD cards, and can store Xbox Series X games on them, increasing the overall storage capacity of the system. These expansion cards have the same performance as the SSD inside the host.

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