Google Camera Go APK with Night Mode and HDR+ for all Android phones – Latest Gcam Go APK

Google introduced Android Go Edition a while ago and have been actively developing the new operating system. While a few smartphone manufacturers have adopted the Go edition, Google is bringing stunning new features to it in order to make it more appealing to both – OEM manufactures and customers. Google also introduced Android 11 Go Edition firmware update just last month. It features many Go Editions app including Files Go, Search Go, Maps Go, and the latest Camera Go. As the development continues, here is the latest Camera Go APK v1.8.

Latest Camera Go 1.8.332394960 brings some exciting new features such as Night Mode, for night photography in low lighting. Not to confuse this with the Dark Mode on Android. This is the same feature as Night Sight from the original Google Camera for the Pixel lineup or the latest Gcam ports.

Another great feature that will come to Camera Go update is the most anticipated HDR option. While it’s not yet included in the latest APK, you can still get HDR+ functionality from the stunning Gcam Go ports! The HDR feature is expected to drop in upcoming updates, as reported in Google’s official video here.

For those of you who don’t know Android 11 (Go Edition) is meant for phones with low end processors and RAM; thus making them inexpensive. For instance, the Nokia 1.3 device is a €95 phone that runs of Android Go OS featuring Snapdragon 250 SoC. So naturally, Google also makes Go Edition apps for these phones. One of these is the Camera Go APK.

The best part is, Camera Go APK can be installed on almost every Android device with any processor be it Qualcomm, Exynos, or MediaTek. It also does not care about the limitation of Camera2 API. It will run on anything. So as for the low-end phones this is a big deal! Especially when it features Night Mode and HDR!

Apart from that, the user interface of Camera Go is quite minimalistic with only 4 options including camera (for photos), video, portrait, and translate. Now you get an additional Night Mode option as well. The settings is also a small overlay dialogue box with toggles for flash, timer, and face enhancer.

Download latest Google Camera Go APK

Here is the latest Google Camera Go APK v1.8.332394960 available for download. The APK has been extracted directly from the Nokia 1.3 phone. It has been tested working on many Android devices – new and old.

The best part is, it works on the Samsung Exynos processors flawlessly. So for users who have a tough time running Google Camera on their Samsung devices with Exynos processors, can settle for the Google Camera Go. Samsung Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+, Note 10, Galaxy S8 series, S9 series, S7 series. Camera Go APK should work on almost all the Android devices from all the manufacturers.

Note: For Google Drive link, download on PC and then transfer it to phone storage and install. Or you may encounter a parsing error. Alternatively, settle for Box mirror or SourceForge.

For more features, download the Google Gcam Go port. Simply download to your device, install, and run.

Camera Go Mod download – Gcam Go APK

Here is the modded Camera Go APK available for download. Thanks to the developer Parrot043 for the amazing port. It has all the features from the previous versions along with some new ones like HDR+ mode toggle and a few bug fixes for stability and compatibility.

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