Google denies adding Chrome “ads”: only showing free product lists to help users shop

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News reported yesterday that Google has now added an experimental feature for Chrome to “recommend products based on the user’s activity history in the new tab page”, the function entry is displayed as “NTP Shopping Tasks Module” , Literal translation means “new tab page shopping task module”.

▲ Picture source Techdows

Google has now contacted Techdows to deny the “plan to place ads on NTP”. They call these features a simple free search item related to shopping, which will help users shop. understands that there are similar projects in China. People generally call them “shopping guides”, and recommenders can get corresponding promotion rebates, but they really don’t count as advertisements.

Google said: “We want to clarify that this experiment is showing free product lists, not advertising”, “We will regularly test such new features to help users complete tasks such as shopping (or refer to the regular Purchase items) .”

Of course, although this module may not contain third-party advertisements, being able to direct users to Google’s shopping search page through Chrome is a good move for Google, which will help Google further increase its turnover.

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