Google new big data to speed up the installation and operation of Play Store apps

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According to the news of the foreign media XDA forum, Google recently introduced new features for the Play Store application store, instead of using the traditional apk file to update and install applications, it uses a new installation method to speed up App installation, Open and run time .

This technology has been available as early as 2018, called Android App Bundle, which can help developers reduce the size of App files. The current technology is called App install optimization . When this feature is turned on, Google will collect data on the user’s newly installed App, and determine which part of the file was accessed when the app was opened for the first time. Google will collect a large number of users’ relevant information to form big data to determine the most important part of the file after the App is decompressed and run. With this information, Google will speed up the speed of application installation and first opening and subsequent opening.

Google officially stated that the feature will not collect any private data of users, such as email addresses, names, and locally stored content. Google said that big data can be used to achieve the following optimizations:

  • Speed ​​up the installation of apps from the Play Store
  • Reduce the time the application is up and running
  • Reduce the pressure on CPU, battery and built-in storage IO

App install optimization can be turned on and off manually in the settings of the Play Store. For users who are very worried about personal privacy, Google also said that even if the feature is disabled, users can also speed up application installation and operation.

Google New Big Data To Speed Up The Installation And Operation Of Play Store Apps


Google New Big Data To Speed Up The Installation And Operation Of Play Store Apps

Naijatechnews understands that as of now, this feature has not been pushed to all users. However, some overseas engineers exposed the setting interface, and you can see the switch of this function. This feature is a grayscale update. The informant uses a Pixel phone, Android 12 preview system, and the Play Store version number is 24.9.19-21.

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