Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL gets Live Caption update

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The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL introduced a new useful feature for those who may be hard of hearing or those who simply love to consume content with captions. Live Caption enabled the ability to transcribe dialogue in real-time not just from TV shows, but from any other audio played the Pixel like your own videos, IG stories, and even memes.

The Pixel 2 and 2 XL have both been silently updated to support the Live Caption feature. The latest version of the Device Personalization Services app enables the option for Live Caption in the settings as originally posted on Reddit. The update to the app appears to be rolling out now but users who sideloaded the latest APK also confirmed the new feature’s arrival.

Now if only Google would update Assistant and add Astrophotography to the Pixel 2. The latter is available for the 2017 Pixels, though unofficially via sideloading the GCam mod.

How to update your Pixel smartphone using the Pixel Repair Tool

Just like the Android Flash Tool, Google Pixel Repair Tool has also been allegedly used by phone carrier employees and customer support for some time now. The tool is based on the technology called WebUSB which connects the smartphone directly to the web app.

The process is a bit risky so the users are advised to create a backup of their data in case anything goes wrong. The tool can be only used with Google Pixel 3 or other Pixel phones released after that, running on Android 10.

The computer should be equipped with the latest version of Opera, Chromium, Edge that supports WebUSB. The phone will be plugged in for a long period of time during the update process so users are advised to charge the phone properly before installing the update.

How to update your Pixel device using the Pixel Repair Tool?

To get the update manually, users are required to open the latest version of any web browser and head over the landing page of the Pixel Repair Tool.

Next, tap on the “Select Your Carrier” button and choose the carrier from which you’ve purchased your device. This is an important step as there are several carriers that add unique changes in an update.

The next step involves switching to Rescue Mode which is a special mode enabled when a Pixel device is installing an update or during the Factory Reset process.

After the basic steps, users are required to connect their phone to the PC by tapping the “Connect Phone” button in the Pixel Repair Tool.

After the update is installed, the smartphone will restart automatically. To ensure that the update has been installed, you can check by visiting the About Phone section in your Pixel device.

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