Google Pixel 4a: New Pictures Reveal Price of ‘The New Google Phone’

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Google had made the Pixel 4 a little cheaper than its predecessor, which was contrary to the trend and therefore quite surprising. Is the same fate blooming with the new Pixel 4a, which is probably only a few weeks away from the market launch? In any case, the valued Evleaks has once again been able to find a few images with which Google plans to market the new Pixel 4a in the near future. Not only can you see the Android smartphone itself in a picture, it also lists the American price.

Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a: price known in advance

Evleaks faked the billboards for the right presentation, but the bare graphics probably come directly from Google. In any case, they show “The New Google Phone”, the smartphone on it is identical to the leaks of the past few weeks. Back to the broached topic, the price of the Pixel 4a doesn’t seem to be falling. $ 399 is due in the US, and $ 399 in Europe as well. There is probably the Snapdragon 730, 6 GB RAM and a hopefully high-quality main camera.

Google Pixel 4a Leak

Google Pixel 4a Leak 3

It is also unclear whether Google only publishes a Pixel 4a, offers an XL model again, or even a total of three models. There have been various discoveries in the Android source code, there is still a lot possible.

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