Google plans to help the Middle East region: 1.1 million US dollars in grants and technical support

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According to reports, the US technology company Google said on Tuesday that it plans to use a $1.1 million grant to help companies in the Middle East and North Africa provide their digital skills and allow them to use the Internet .

In addition, Google also stated in a speech that they will provide a total of US$3 million in loans to thousands of companies from this region, of which US$2 million will be invested in Egypt to help local companies complete their digital transformation.

Google said that due to the outbreak of the new crown virus, people have stayed at home to avoid the epidemic, so this year the number of online consumption in the region ushered in an increase. Google also said that data from the Arab Monetary Fund showed that about 6 million local jobs are at risk.

The company added that by the end of 2021, 1 million local businesses and individuals will receive help to improve their digital skills, so that they can successfully find jobs and allow businesses to transfer their business to the Internet. Google also provides $9 million in advertising credits and donations in this area to provide support to local businesses and governments.

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