Google will allow YouTube users to block alcohol and gambling advertisements, nonprofit organizations express support

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 According to the British Guardian, Google will provide tools in the UK next year to allow users to manually block most alcohol and gambling ads. Google said that the move is to respond to user feedback, they are worried about seeing this type of advertising when using YouTube and third-party sites.

According to Naijatechnews, Google’s advertising function is related to users’ browsing habits. The user’s browsing data represents the information in which areas they are more concerned about, and Google can then play corresponding advertisements on YouTube. But at the same time, the advertisements on YouTube are also highly related to the video content . If a user opens an alcoholic video, there is a high probability that the pushed advertisement will be an alcoholic beverage; if an article about gambling addiction is opened, an advertisement promoting gambling will appear instead. Page.

According to the British Guardian, starting this year in the United States and next year in the United Kingdom and other regions, YouTube’s advertising settings can choose to block such ads. This feature cannot guarantee 100% results, but Google is confident that most alcohol and gambling ads will be excluded.

Google has also cooperated with related public welfare organizations. Henry Ashworth, Prime Minister of the International Reasonable Drinking Coalition (IARD), said, “Our members are committed to better controlling whether they can see alcohol advertisements on the Internet. Respecting personal preferences and recognizing cultural differences require the sensitivity and behavior of Internet companies. Motivation, that’s why we hope this partnership is a good start for greater action in the future.”

Regarding the gambling industry, a relevant person from the British gaming organization said, “We previously urged Google and other Internet companies to provide the option to stop seeing gambling advertisements, and we welcome the launch of this feature.” Previously, the British gambling company agreed to stop broadcasting during live sports events last year. Broadcast TV commercials for fear of children and vulnerable groups being bombarded by gambling advertisements.


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