Google YouTube strengthens COVID-19 content management: remove false information videos

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The video website YouTube announced today that it will delete videos on its platform that contain false information about the new crown pneumonia vaccine.

YouTube said that for videos on the new crown pneumonia vaccine on its platform, if they violate the consensus of the local health authority or the World Health Organization, they will be deleted.

YouTube also cited examples of claims that vaccines cause death or infertility, and claims that microchips are implanted. Of course, general discussion videos about vaccines will not be deleted.

Previously, Youtube has deleted content that disputed the existence or spread of new coronary pneumonia. YouTube also revealed that since the beginning of February, more than 200,000 videos related to the risk of new coronary pneumonia or misleading information have been deleted .

In the coming weeks, YouTube will announce more measures and publish authoritative information about the new crown pneumonia vaccine on its website.

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